Things Every Undergraduate Should Know About SOSTAC Model

The use of SOSTAC model is frequent in planning marketing strategies. Being a part of a team that is working on planning marketing strategies, it is necessary to know about all of the relevant terms and models. If you go through the top marketing models, you can see the SOSTAC model in the top five models. All of the top models and strategies get worth because of their unique features or qualities. In the case of SOSTAC, it is easy to manage all activities in an easy way. If you compare SOSTAC with other marketing models, you will find SOSTAC easy to use. Furthermore, the framework of SOSTAC is easy to understand for most the students as well as marketers.

As per the importance of SOSTAC, this article aims to discuss about different aspects of the SOSTAC model.

What is the Purpose of SOSTAC Model?

In marketing strategy, the use of a data-driven approach makes your work effective and comprehensive. SOSTAC also uses a data-driven approach. The purpose of using SOSTAC model is to plan different business activities. The major role of using this model can be seen in marketing. You have to clear in your mind that SOSTAC is not for marketing only; it covers different domains of business from which marketing is one. Some businessmen use this model to make a whole new strategy.

On the other hand, some businessmen use it for making improvements in the existing channel. You can understand these aspects with the help of an example. SEO is one of the best examples of SOSTAC model. SEO stands for search engine optimization. You can get more effective results of SEO by using SOSTAC.

What Are the Stages of SOSTAC Framework?

Before using this model, you need to understand the different stages related to it. There are six stages of the SOSTAC model. The name SOSTAC is the abbreviation of these stages. These six stages are named as below:

  • Situation
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Actions
  • Control

Experts of The Academic Papers UK have taken a look at these stages of the SOSTAC framework as described below.


The very first stage of SOSTAC model is the situation. You can also name it situation analysis. In situation analysis, you can cover an overview of your business. All of the organizations work on some specified goal. This goal is necessary to understand for all dealers. Also, you need to mention how someone can interact and deal with your organization. In situation analysis, the information related to a digital customer has great importance.

Furthermore, the SWOT analysis helps you critically evaluate different aspects of an organization. It includes the strengths as well as weaknesses of your organization. SWOT-analysis helps you get a clear idea about opportunities offered by an organization. There is one more factor that matters a lot for any organization. This factor is a threat to an organization. It can be in any form. You can also use competitor analysis at this stage of the SOSTAC model. This analysis covers products, potential customers as well an analysis of rivals.


The second stage of SOSTAC framework is objective. In marketing, the objective has great importance. The organization usually has two types of objectives. It includes realistic as well as measurable goals. SWOT and Competitor analysis helps you get the core concept of situation analysis.

Similarly, 5 Ss goals work well to understand the stage of the objective. These 5 Ss goals cover sell, serve, speak, save and sizzle. With the help of 5 Ss goals, you can get the goal of SMART. SMART stands for specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-related. In short, SMART provides you with the exact object behind your work.


Strategy is the stage that lets you plan a track to achieve your goal. All of the stages of SOSTAC model are interlinked with each other. Here, you can see that the SWOT analysis in the first stage of SOSTAC framework helps you identify your competitors. Keeping the competitors in your mind, you need to plan a track for an organization. The products, services, and resources of competitor organizations highlight it in the market. You can plan something similar or more effective.


Another important stage of SOSTAC model is tactics. For this stage, you are supposed to use different tools of marketing. The information related to your competitor is already in your hand. Through that information, you can identify which tactics are available for you. Based on your resources, you can get the best suitable tool to achieve your goal. You can go for one of the following tactics as well:

  • Affiliated Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click


Based on your objective and resources, you have to actually start action for the SOSTAC model. Every tactic has specified actions. For example, search engine optimization has some particular actions linked with it. In SEO, you need to work on four aspects. First of all, you have to see the best keywords to target the potential customer. Also, you have to work for on-page optimization. The content on your website must address the right and effective information related to products and services. In the last, links and networks are the actions of SEO.

Similarly, affiliated marketing, email marketing, and Pay-Per-Click have different sets of actions. After selecting one tactic out of them, you have to identify actions. The actual implantation of the planned track is the action of SOSTAC model.


The identification and implementation of the right strategy is not everything, but you have to monitor everything in the right manner. As per the stages of SOSTAC model, control is the last and the most important one. In this way, you can identify any problem in the system at the right time. You can even get assignment help online to identify the problem.

Final Thoughts

SOSTAC model has great importance in the field of marketing and business. By understanding its six stages, you can get the best end results. This model is easy to understand, so there is no need to have expertise in marketing and business, and you can use this model as a fresher too.

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