What is IELTS? Things to know about IELTS

What is the IELTS exam? 

If you are willing to do your studies from abroad then the International English Language Test System (IELTS) is considered to be one of the most trusted and respected forms of English language tests. The motive of this test is to examine the English language competency of the applicants. The course helps in bringing the perfect English language usage and conversations at all levels.  Also IELTS certification is trusted and accepted by around 1000+ employing agencies, universities, and companies throughout the world. The credibility of the applicants is tested on the basis of:

1. Listening and grasping the language in minimum time 

2. Reading whatever is presented in the English language 

3. Writing the words in the English language perfectly 

4. Speaking the language fluently

What are the types of IELTS tests?

IELTS tests are  of two types,

1. Academic IELTS 

All the students who are looking to join the prestigious universities and want to pursue their further education abroad. Academic IELTS is considered to be the best option for you if you are also planning to do studies abroad.

2. General IELTS

General IELTS is for those who are desiring to get employment or to migrate to such countries. The general IELTS focuses on complete survival and management techniques in these countries via the perfect English language control and understanding. 

What is the IELTS band scale? 

There is a criteria of The result of every exam. So, the score of IELTS exams are given on the basis of bands, which decides the overall performance of the candidate. The IELTS band scale goes on something like this:

1. Band 9: An Expert – One who scores 9 bands is considered to be the expert and have the fully operational command of English. Also they can deal with situations in foreign countries.

2. Band 8: Very good — Overall good performance with slight inaccuracies which can be managed with the existing knowledge.

3. Band 7: Good — Relatively good performance with rare difficulties in unknown situations.

4. Band 6: Competent — Can understand and deal with more than average situations and handle matter smoothly in familiar situations.

5. Band 5: Modest — Can manage problem-solving and commits mistakes only to a certain extent and has partial command in the language.

6. Band 4: Limited — Has a limited knowledge and competency level and can’t exceed certain words and situations. 

7. Band 3: Extremely limited — Can understand and convey in extremely limited situations and frequent breakdowns even in moderate situations are expected.

8. Band 2:  Intermittent — No real chain communication is possible apart from a few broken words — implies difficulty in understanding even basic English language.

9. Band 1: Non-User — Doesn’t show any ability to use the language much, apart from an extremely limited set of words.

10. Band 0: No User — Did not attempt the test at all.

Why is it necessary to take IELTS coaching?

There are lots of discussions about this topic if IELTS exam coaching is necessary or not? Then somehow it is important to let you know that the students who are serious about their studies abroad then joining an active and competent coaching institute or online IELTS coaching is very important. A perfect IELTS coaching service provider will help you with the following ways:

1. Exclusive teaching practices

If you want to get results in IELTS exams then basic english knowledge isn’t enough. An applicant should be able to hear the audio messages in seconds as well as you need to respond to them within minutes. Also you have to write down all the things within a given time. Also the time limit for these tests is very low, so you need to be well prepared and confident as well.

2. Constant practices

As everything is decided on just one go during the exam, that’s why the applicants hardly get time to detect their mistakes. That’s why the constant practice the students get for the IELTS test when they opt for coaching is commendable. A good IELTS institute provides you with the options of  IELTS mock test online and IELTS practice test online. This makes a student totally ready to manage all kinds of conditions.

3. Less time required for the preparation

Any student without IELTS coaching requires a comparatively longer time to prepare for the exams. But with proper coaching and experienced teachers’ help, the students are taught how to efficiently prepare for IELTS, and all the preparations are finished in a breeze and that too with fabulous results. Though the students can get access to various sites providing information on how to prepare for IELTS at home without coaching, all these practices are inadequate without an expert’s guidance.

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How to find the right professional coaching to crack IELTS? 

There are several online and offline IELTS coaching services come in recommendation section when you will search for IELTS coaching near me. But it is important to search for the best IELTS coaching if you are really willing to get prepared for this examination. There are some prominent centers providing online IELTS coaching. Platforms like upGrad Aboard provide a complete solution for the students to crossover this level with fantastic results. Although, the students must go through these important aspects while doing the selection of their IELTS coaching institute:

1. An all-inclusive system

The students look for the advanced system and technical help i.e. computers, e-books, smart classes to get all the knowledge in a seamless way. And if a coaching center has all these facilities in top-notch forms, it is the most recommended one for the applicants to try.

2. Experienced teaching staff

The teacher providing training for the tests needs to be an expert and need to have a good command of the ENGLISH. If a tutor is having a good hold on every section of the exam only then will the students be able to receive the right training and tactics to crack this test on the first go.

3. Friendly guidance

It is obvious that the students have a nature of asking questions and to ask queries. Our teachers are friendly with their students so that our students can feel confident enough to tackle the hurdles in a convenient manner. 

4. A 360-degree learning environment

It is compulsory to have an environment in which you could learn things in a practical manner. We at soi immigration are providing a 360 degree learning environment to our students. 

5. Offline and online help

A perfect IELTS coaching institute provides not only offline coaching as well as serves with the online training methods. Our IELTS preparation online in turn keeps them ready for the upcoming test. So, get in touch with Soi immigration for more assistance. 


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