5 Science-Based Reasons That Proves Percussive Therapy Is Good for You

Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy is one of the most revolutionary discoveries for sports athletes. One of the major components of this technique involves thumping or hammering motions with the mini portable electric massager to accelerate pressure into the body’s tissues. As a result, the pressure on the muscle knots gets relaxed. In addition, it helps reduce back and shoulder pain by reaching the deeper layers of muscles that a human hand cannot do. 

Unlike traditional massage, percussive therapy desensitizes muscle pain and targets the pulses. This means that the machine can put just the right amount of pressure on the sore muscle. Thus, an increasing number of people are opting for machine guns. In fact, many researchers conducted studies to prove its effectiveness. However, if you are still skeptical about using massage rollers, you are at the right place. Here are some science-backed reasons why percussive therapy is helpful for the body. 

1- It Helps Prevent Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) 

The delayed onset muscle soreness is when physical activity stresses the muscles beyond their usual limit. The muscle soreness can stretch up to 24 to 72 hours after a workout. Fortunately, percussive therapy can serve as a fast remedy to reduce pain and soreness. Another helpful therapy to reduce the effects of onset muscle soreness is vibration therapy. Both vibration therapy and percussive therapy are different forms of treatment, but their mechanisms are the same. While vibration therapy reduces the body’s perception of pain, percussive therapy involves thumping or hammering motions. 

2- It Improves Flexibility 

According to a study, vibration therapy effectively reduces pain and synchronizes the muscle, which results in a better range of motion. Once muscle becomes more flexible, they are less prone to injuries and pains. Moreover, better flexibility also improves overall posture and balance, which help in gaining more confidence. 

3- It Increases Blood Circulation

When someone engages in an intense workout, the lactic acid gets built up in the body, also called a pump on the muscle. Overtraining your muscle for a longer period can cause severe muscle pain. To prevent this, it is important to increase the blood flow in the body. According to studies, percussive therapy can help in increasing blood circulation and minimizes inflammation. 

4- It Helps in Better Lymphatic Flow 

An intense workout can create tightness and muscle knots which creates drainage in the lymphatic system. The lymphatic movement is essential for excreting toxins and waste effectively. In addition, a better lymphatic system is important for a healthier immune system and metabolism. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly massage your body to thoroughly avoid soreness or muscle tightness. 

5- It Relaxes the Muscles 

This is probably the best part about the therapy- it’s fast and effective in reducing muscle soreness. Additionally, it becomes so easy and convenient to carry a message machine like the booster base self massager. You can use these machines to massage your body parts at any time as they are portable and easy to carry wherever you go. So, even when you need a machine to relax your muscle after an intense workout session or at home, you can count on the massager machine to relax your muscle. 

The Takeaway 

Percussive and vibration therapy are the most effective practices preventing muscle soreness and pain. In addition, it also helps to strengthen the muscle, activate bone formation, and even decrease muscle tremors. Furthermore, with the wide availability of massage equipment like the full body

massage gun, it has become even more easy and convenient to relax the muscle after an intense workout session. The booster base self massager is the perfect alternative for someone with an active lifestyle. However, it can also be useful for someone who struggles with back pain.  

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