The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

A new form of advertising that has gained popularity is SMS marketing. With the popularity of cell phones and text messaging, many companies are now utilising this type of marketing to connect with their target audience. 

In fact, it has been estimated that in the 2030s, SMS marketing would rank among the most widely used kind of advertising. 

This is an excellent tool if you want to launch your own SMS marketing campaign.

SMS marketing: What is it? 

Short Message Service, or SMS Gateway, is an abbreviation. It is a technique for text message delivery via mobile networks utilising mobile devices. 

SMS was the primary way of text communication in the early years of contemporary text messaging in the 2000s. It turns out that SMS had already been around before then, with the first SMS message being delivered in 1992.

In light of this, let’s define SMS marketing: marketing through short message services. It’s a type of marketing where businesses utilize brief texts to give clients reminders, discounts, and vital information straight to their mobile phones.

SMS Marketing: Why Is It Important? 

  • You Can Monitor Important Metrics 
  • You may interact with leads and clients more. 
  • Understanding Your Audience 
  • Most Other Marketing Campaign Tools Complement SMS 
  • Shortcodes Make Your Customers’ Lives Simpler 

SMS focuses on the present moment. 

Mail may be thrown in the trash, emails can be marked as junk, but what about text messages? They do have filters, but they have a better chance of getting seen. 

We’ll talk more about whether the message is received and understood by the intended audience later. But you can make sure that your message gets at least heard, and that’s already half the battle won.

That is one of the key reasons why we think it is crucial to start an SMS marketing campaign. It’s alright if you’re still not persuaded. 

Here are a few more motivations for you to think about utilising SMS text marketing.

You Can Monitor Important Metrics 

Text messages may resemble the lawless wild west in that you send them out without knowing what will happen to them. 

Yes, owing to “read” receipts, IP-based communications of today may now tell you when a message was delivered as well as if and when it was read. 

There isn’t much more in-depth information provided, though. Unless you want to, that is.

You may interact with leads and clients more

Engagement is one aspect of building a business relationship with clients that you cannot neglect. 

SMS marketing messages like this boost client engagement, whether you ask your consumers to schedule an appointment, look at a discount, or send them an update about a forthcoming good or service.

Understanding Your Audience 

No, we’re not suggesting that you engage in a back-and-forth text exchange with every single person in your audience. It may occur, but it won’t most likely. 

Instead, you may send out surveys as part of your SMS marketing strategy. These surveys can provide you with a wealth of useful input. 

Marketing statistics suggests that up to 31% of your audience may respond to your survey. While that number is very small, those who do respond will do so within five minutes of getting the message. 

So even if your sample size is smaller, you still have access to feedback at a nearly immediate pace.

SMS Works with the majority of Other Campaign Tools 

What sorts of tools do you currently employ to support your marketing initiatives? Whatever your response, we’re certain that SMS marketing can coexist peacefully with those technologies. 

SMS marketing messages might assist your current email and social media initiatives. 

To encourage your audience to view your most recent social media post or email newsletter, for instance, you may send a brief SMS marketing message.

Shortcodes Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier 

We strongly believe in going above and beyond to make the lives of your customers better. After all, you enhance the chance of conversions by making it incredibly simple for your lead or client to take an action. 

Long, difficult opt-in forms that require more information than just a name and email address are discouraged because of this. 

When it comes to SMS-based marketing, shortcodes will quickly become your new best buddy. 

Shortcodes are useful when you want your SMS text marketing subscribers to take part in a promotion, sign up for notifications, or even opt-in.

Formal or Informal: Writing SMS Campaign Messages 

  • Personify, Personify, Personify Shorten It, Don’t Bury the Lead, and Add a CTA 
  • You can now see how SMS marketing platforms may benefit your business in a variety of ways. 

The reader has only 160 characters to be persuaded, as you are aware. 

Should you adopt a more relaxed, casual tone? Even if it may seem strange to maintain professionalism in an SMS marketing text message, is it still preferable? Be at ease. There are many queries you’ll have at first if you’re new to SMS marketing.

Informally vs. Formally 

Text messages may seem to benefit from a more casual tone, but you must always keep in mind that you are a business at the end of the day. If you act improperly in business situations, you risk alienating your clients.

Make It Brief 

This is the law, not merely a recommendation. You have 160 characters to use. You are limited to 160 characters, yet we are unable to estimate how many words you will be able to fit into those characters (since word length varies). 

If that happens, your SMS marketing message can be cut off in the midst, which appears unprofessional. 

In any case, it’s a compelling argument in favour of adhering to the character restriction. 

If you recall Twitter from its beginning, you could only write 140 characters at a time. They have since raised it, but you were aware of what it was like to have restrictions.

Avoid Burying the Lead 

Avoid writing a brief message and failing to get your point through. 

Your text’s main idea needs to be covered in the first sentence, or maybe the second, depending on how you present it. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t bury the lead when writing.

Put a CTA in 

Another justification for speaking your mind up front? In your SMS message, you also need a call to action, or CTA. 

Now, linking to this is preferable to crafting a lengthy CTA that uses up valuable characters. You not only conserve character space, but you also provide your readers with a link to click. Once more, this simplifies things for the client. Consider a CTA that simply stated, “for more information, visit our website.”


To convert leads, increase revenue, and keep customers, SMS marketing employs text messages from the short messaging service. 

It’s never been a better moment to start texting your audience if you haven’t already. You may succeed in SMS marketing by using the suggestions, counsel, best practices, and illustrations included in this article.

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