On-Demand Electrician App Development Cost and Features

We all know that in the present electrical power has become the single most crucial and essential thing we have or to say that without electricity, there are no conveniences. Because of the importance of electricity, the need for electricians increases too.

A result of a variety of issues like fluctuating electric power or electrical storms, it can cause flickering lights, fires, or short circuits. However, we are aware, electricity isn’t something we can perform by ourselves without knowing the basics of connectors and wires. At this moment, we require an experienced and skilled electrician to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Sometimes, you’ll have to confront the issue of trying to find an experienced and professional electrician at a certain moment. To overcome this type of difficulty, an on-demand electrician application can be developed that allows users to hire electricians in the vicinity whenever they need.

Are you looking to develop an on-demand Electrician application?

Today, we will talk in-depth about the On-Demand Electrician Cost of App Development and Features platform and its market demand, the working model that is an online-demand electrician app, the basic functions that an app on demands electrician hiring application, and what it costs to create the on-demand electrician recruiting platform.

A service called On-Demand Electrician can be a great way for users to locate nearby electricians at any moment. Electricians offer services for the repair of electric devices like television air conditioning refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and iron, as well as geysers, heaters, and more electrical appliances.

Can it be profitable to begin an app for electricians on demand?

If you’re thinking of the idea of launching an online business or start-up you could consider an On-demand electrician service since it’s extremely profitable, and an on-demand electrician application is also highly sought-after in the present market.

As we all know, today, the usage of technology is all around us and we are completely dependent on mobile phones for the fulfillment of our basic needs, from booking taxis to food ordering and using on-demand services. Thus, creating an app for electricians on demand is profitable for you.

This type of platform can also help in creating revenues in a variety of ways. As the owner of an on-demand electrician app development, you may also earn money with this type of application. Let’s know,

How can you earn money through an on-demand electrician app?

  • With the introduction of a premium or subscription version of this application.
  • Through the integration of ad-related services on the platform.
  • Charging electricians to include their information on the main list.

What’s the operating model of an on-demand Electrician application development?

Before launching an on-demand electrician app or platform, it’s important to understand the basic workings of such an app. We will go over in-depth, how an on-demand platform for hiring electricians:

  • An electrician can easily set up their profile by adding basic information such as name, address, and experience and verifying their account with a phone number or email.
  • An electrician may also write their services and prices or packages.
  • On the other hand, users can also manage or set up their accounts. If they require it, they can find the closest electrician by using different filters, look up the profile of the electrician who is in charge, review their fees for availability, and then hire them quickly.
  • An electrician may look up the list of requests and, based on availability, decide to accept or decline the request.
  • Once the request is accepted After accepting the request, users and electricians are connected, and can effortlessly access chat or call modules for more discussion.
  • When the job is completed The user can pay using a variety of payment options. Customers can also provide feedback and comments to the Electrician hired.

What are the primary characteristics of an On Demand Electrician application creation?

In this article, I will outline the essential characteristics of an on-demand electrician application development. On-demand platforms generally consist of three major panels:

User Panel

  • Users can sign up, sign in, and log in easily via social media, telephone numbers, or email.
  • Users can search easily for electricians employing various service filters.
  • Ability to verify his or her profile as an electrician as well as the time of his or her availability.
  • Ability to send requests for electricians or to book them.
  • The ability to cancel the reservation of the service.
  • Chat and Audio support for calls
  • Check your history.
  • Pay with a variety of payment options.
  • Following the completion of the work After the work is completed, the client can provide comments or feedback to the electrician they hired.

Electrician Panel

  • Electricians can easily register themselves using their telephone numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts.
  • Ability to list down the services that are included in the package.
  • An electrician can create an account and control their profiles
  • Electricians can choose their availability.
  • An Electrician can look up the list of requests and decide whether or not to accept the request.
  • Google map integration.
  • Chat and Audio support for calls
  • Accept payment module integration.
  • Manage or check customer reviews and comments.

Admin Module

  • Manage dashboard.
  • User profile management
  • Electrician profile management.
  • Service management
  • Management of Ads
  • Management of payments
  • Dispute management
  • Reviews and feedback management
  • Reports creation and analysis.

How much will it cost to create an On-Demand Electrician application?

The price of an on-demand electrician app is heavily dependent on a few elements such as the development of the app and design back-end development, functions and features as well as technologies (Android, IOS, or Both) that will be used to develop the app. of the app as well as the experience of the app’s developer.

App Ideas App Ideas is among the top web and app development services. Alongside web development, we also offer mobile app development with unique features and designs. We also created several on-demand solutions and here I’m listing the estimated timeline and price for developing an On-demand electrician application:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • IOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • testing, fixing bugs, and deployment: 5 working days


  • The estimated cost for developing an application for On-Demand Electrician is anywhere from 4000-7000 USD.

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