Many Reasons To Invest In Bollard Sleeves For Parking Products

Bollards are posts that are vertically short and are employe to hinder vehicles and heavy equipment. By placing bollard covers on areas that are “off boundaries” for vehicles, they restrict their access.

Bollard sleeves are an essential investment for any business. Here are the reasons you should consider investing in them as parking equipment.

A5 flyers are design to promote an environment that is safe and minimizes the possibility of collisions. You can enhance the appearance and performance of bollards by placing covers (also called sleeves) over them.

What Is A Bollard?

Have you ever observed an array of posts lining the sidewalk or a parking area or the entrance of the building? These are bollards. Bollard covers were first employed on wharves and ships to anchor boats.

Today, these rows of sturdy, long posts are now more often made to guard buildings, pedestrians, and other property from collisions.

Bollard sleeves made by Parking Products are an advanced alternative for forecourts and street bollards for parking. They offer greater protection from car-ramming and damage.

What Is A Bollard Cover?

Bollard covers are place over bollards in order to give the structure extra protection, style, or long-lasting. Bollard covers are available in varieties of sizes, materials, and colors.

If there is already an excellent set of bollards why should you add bollard covers? Bollards protect by bollard cover can offer a variety of advantages over a bollard that is not protect.

These Advantages Are Discussed In Greater Detail In The Following Paragraphs.

1. Guards Against The Sun’s UV Rays

It’s not unusual for bollards to crack and fade over many years because of the UV exposure of sunlight.

The sleeve being place printing over the bollard shields it from this kind of harm. Certain kinds of sleeves are made from top-quality polyethylene and a UV-resistant coating that provides protection against UV light from the sun.

2. Easier To See

Of course, sleeves help make bollards more visible and decrease the chance of collisions. As bollards age and lose their original “luster,” they become less noticeable. Increasing the possibility of workers driving vehicles into the bollards.

Putting a sleeve on top of the bollard will give it a dramatic modern look. That’s guaranteed to attract the attention of the workers. Bollards are an essential security feature in any parking area. But, if the bollard sleeves are place on bollards, the security offer is significantly reduce.

3. Installation Is Simple

You may be surprised by how simple bollard sleeves can be install. The sleeve is place directly on top of the bollard to ensure the perfect fit and security.

There’s no need to fiddle with tools or complex mounting kits as the sleeve can be install directly over the bollard. Sleeves come in a variety of sizes and heights So, so take the time to gauge the dimensions of your advertising bollard covers prior to purchasing.

4. Looks Better

Damaged, faded, or cracked damaged bollards convey a negative impression about the workplace. They tell employees that the business isn’t a priority for maintenance and upkeep.

Instead of replacing their old bollards with new ones, businesses can simply put an additional cover over them to instantly enhance their appearance.

It’s a straightforward method to make outdate bollards that are worn out look more professional without having to spend thousands of dollars to replace them.

5. Protects Against Scuffed Paint

The fifth reason it is important to invest in bollard sleeves is the fact that they protect against scratched paint. It’s true that workers will bump into bollards every now and then.

So long as there is a sleeve covering it, however, small collisions won’t cause harm to paint. This means you’ll be able to take less time to do repairs to the paint on bollards and instead concentrate at your company.

The Advantages Of Bollard Covers

Bollards are available in a range of materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and shapes. Although many bollards have not been found, some have plastic covers.

If you’re thinking of the use of stainless steel or plastic bollard sleeves for your existing installations, you should know what advantages you’ll get prior to shopping.

Better Bollard Protection

Bollards made of stainless and plastic covers guard your investment against weather conditions, ensuring that they will last for longer. Acid snow, rain, and UV rays all cause premature degradation and fade that can leave once attractive bollards looking aged and damaged.

Covers for bollards made of plastic are perhaps even more essential in coastal regions due to the salt air issue. Covers protect bollards from salty air and corrosive salt to make them last for decades, not just several years.

If the covers are reflective tape, your bollards can benefit from even greater protection as bicyclists and cars tend not to run against them.

More Style Options

Bollard covers come in a large variety of colors and styles that can complement your company’s color scheme. They let you experiment with different designs that grab consumers’ attention and assist them to recall your company’s name.

Based on the kind of company or organization that you work for, you can change the color of the bollard every few months or every year to inject the space with fresh, eye-catching shades.

Reduced Maintenance

Painting bollard signs every few months to prevent unsightly chips gets old fast, as does scraping away rust on metal bollards or dealing with vandalization-related issues.

Instead, you’ll be able to unwind knowing that your covers are working and you can concentrate on other business tasks, like your latest advertising campaign, or your green roof plan.

Enhances Visibility

Depending on the style pick depending on the type you select, advertising bollard covers can be use to increase the height or change the color and appearance of the structures.

These changes make bollards more noticeable to motorists, reducing the possibility of colliding with a bollard because of the driver not knowing the position of the bollard.

Greater Savings

Bollard covers made of plastic can save you cash in two distinct ways. They first reduce the likelihood of premature bollard replacement costs due to their protection advantages. They also reduce costs for maintenance, like new paint or scraping tools.

In keeping the untimely maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum and your bollards will do better for your business. The savings add up quickly and could be put to use for a variety of business ventures, like buying a new store or enhancing the appearance of the interior of your shop.

Things To Consider When Buying Bollard Covers

After you’ve learn the function of bollards and why they are need you’ll have to think about several other things prior to purchasing bollard covers. It’s important to consider what kind of material, style, and size bollard covers you’d like.


The one you select will depend on the desired appearance and purpose the bollards will serve. Some bollard covers are solely designed for aesthetic reasons and aren’t design to endure much damage that is beyond the normal weathering.

Bollards that are more flexible or thicker covers are typically prefer when bollards are in high-traffic areas, such as along the sides of roads due to the fact that they provide bollards with more security in the event of collisions.


Finally, you’ll have been aware of the size of the bollard cover. Take a measurement of your bollard and decide the dimensions that the cover should be in order to fit properly over it.

Choose the thickness of the cover based on the bollard’s intended use. If your bollard is small and you’d prefer to give it additional height, you can choose the bollard cover that can enhance the height of your bollard.

We also have stainless steel bollards which can be customize according to your requirements and preferences. These bollards as well as bollard covers will keep your place secure and attractive.

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