Assembling the “best Custom Damascus knives” of a brand like Damascus is a daunting task – we can list 15-20 knives here, respecting Colorado’s leading suppliers. Under Sal Glacier’s unparalleled leadership, the brand has grown from an entry-level knife supplier to one of the biggest names in the knife industry. With an impressive range of products for almost every budget and purpose and does not include Birds or Randall knives.

Damascus recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with the launch of the Native V, a carbon fiber curved knife with a Damastil DS93x blade. It is crazy to think that Damascus has been making knives for four decades. Which is characterized by its functionality and comprehensive form. (According to some people) it is a knife that non-fans will not understand until they pick it up. Natural Ergonomics Study Lock Smooth operation and our commitment to high quality and exotic blade steel keep returning fans for new knives every year.


So much has been said and written about paramilitary 2 that it is difficult to summarize without the notoriety that it has been digested by thousands of knives. The Damascus paramilitary 2 is one of the best pocket knives of the day. Some would argue that the Manx 2 or Benchmark 940 series is more suitable for this role. But the good thing about knives is that no one has a wrong opinion. You can choose between paramilitary 2 and Manx 2 depending on your mood. And both are wonderful.

Include a four-way 

PM2 (as most people call it) is an evolution of the original paramilitary force, a derivative of the full size of the military. Differences from the original include a four-way buckle, a dipped stud, and a redesigned grip that does not slip out of the grip during operation. The blade was a bit long. And a little clear grip. All PM2s use Damascus Pressure Lock, a concept similar to a liner lock. But it is accessed through the spinal cord instead of the ventral part of the handle. So that the fingers do not come out of the way when cutting the knife.

The blade has a distinctive rising

The blade has a distinctive rising point that can be recognized almost immediately by knife enthusiasts – a perfectly straight spine that has a continuous arc from the sharp edge to the tip of the knife. The blades are smooth and have the beauty of satin for maximum cutting performance. The standard steel blade is the CPM S30V, but you can pick up the CPM S110V with the purple handle and the now cool Maxmate, both of which are mass-produced for a little extra money. The PM2 comes standard with a black handle. Or digital and black satin coated or DLC coated blades. Of course, there are many PM2s in stock or custom “special prices” in a variety of steels – Elmax, S35VN, S90V, M4, and now M390, to name a few.

Work environment PM2. This is the knife that makes you feel at home instantly without getting used to it. It achieves a secure front and rear handlebar with a good 50/50 attachment. The pressure lock makes it easy to open and close the blade. Find comfort in your hand with textured G10 and recessed rivets. Easy to open and with a big thumb hole you have everything you need and nothing you don’t want. It is undoubtedly one of the best Custom Damascus knives in the world.


All this talk about PM2 is unfair without mentioning its more powerful counterpart. The MANIX 2 is another medium-sized knife that is brilliantly designed to work in Damascus. Like the PM2, the Manix 2 is an improved version of the previous version. But there are several differences: the original MANIX  had the required functionality, while the MANIX  2 used a ball bearing lockout to secure the blade.

Unlike the PM2

Unlike the PM2, which comes in just one design, the Manix 2 is all three different knives. The standard MANIX  2 has a G10 gauge and 3.375-inch leaf blade (all smooth cut with thumb holes, but also a serrated blade) with a complete stainless steel liner. Large) 5oz CPM S30V in steel, lightweight Manix 2 has the same blade. Instead, the G10 grip has been replaced with a light wire grip to reduce the FRCP (fiberglass reinforced polymer) grip and overall weight. And if you want more, here is the powerful Manix 2 XL.

Damascus is one of the big producers

Because Damascus is one of the big producers. So there are many special editions. Starting with the simple and lightweight Manix 2 Serial S110V model with blue knobs, the lightweight Manix CTS-BD1 Iron is a great deal for a good mid-range, easy-to-use iron. It comes with a transparent blue or black handle. You can also buy the lightweight MANIX  2, which is made from foreign carpenter Max Mate Micromet steel, and is so hard that the ZT has cut the high-end knives in half and replaced it with the Rockwell-reinforced M390. Between 67-68 is the hardest steel you can find in a commercial knife. Better than the best steels like Hitach ZDP-189 and Boehler M390.

The entire MANIX  2 lineup has better ergonomics. The grip is more comfortable than PM2 but takes up more pocket space from top to bottom. Like the PM2, it has a two-position handle with deeply cut finger grooves that allow the user to pierce the blade. The jump is in all the right places and the shape of the blade and handle moves the point slightly down from the hinge. Give users great control.

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