How to Limit Screen Time of your kid studying at Top Schools in Dubai?

In recent years, there has been a growing concern among parents and educators that the amount of time children spend on screens has a negative impact on their behaviour and academic performance. 

This concern has led to increasing efforts to control how much time children spend on screens to attend top schools in Dubai. They also associated a significant amount of screen time with a reduction in physical activity. They associated both physical activity and screen time with an increased risk of obesity. Hence, here we are with 6 tips on how you can manage your child’s screen time.

6 Tips to Manage your child’s screen time who are studying at top schools in Dubai

1- Learning about Electronics

Children today are very tech-smart. Most children know more about electronics than adults. Parents need to stay up to date with the latest apps, games, and social media platforms and trends to help their kids studying at a primary school in Dubai understand their pros and cons.

For example, you cannot teach your child about the risks of social media unless you understand the risks yourself. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to stop them from consuming certain types of media (such as violent video games) if you don’t understand how those media are classified. Hence, it is necessary to educate yourself about technology before stopping them.

2- Primary schools in Dubai limit the use of technology

Primary schools in Dubai, for example, pride themselves on developing children’s imaginations. Teaching young minds how to solve problems differently is part of the DNA of these progressive schools.

As a result, these schools do not use computers in the early grades. Indeed, they advise their students to limit their use of smart devices, tablets, watching a lot of television, etc.

In this way, children engage themselves in critical thinking and imagination and do not spoil their minds with technology.

 3- Build healthy screen habits

Children are always curious. They want answers to every question. Build healthy screen habits by configuring your child’s smartphone as a tool for learning and discovery.

This will open up a huge world for them to explore and benefit from when they attend top schools in Dubai. The child who dreams of building a robot can find a lot of information about the robot. With art, sports, literature, languages, etc., they can learn about everything at an early age. The trick is to configure their smartphone so that they can only access the good stuff.

4- Encourage other activities to help them prepare for top schools in Dubai

With countless apps, games, devices, and content, it’s easy for kids to get addicted to electronics for entertainment. Please encourage your child to learn about and engage in screen-free activities, which will help them to prepare for the top primary schools in Dubai. 

Playing outside, reading, or even digging up an old board game are the things you can motivate your child to do. It can also be helpful to establish a schedule that everyone in your home follows.

Making it clear to your child about when they are allowed screen time and when not will help clarify your expectations and can keep your child engaged in some fruitful and fun work.

5- Make “Technology Free Zones.”

You must establish a few zones in your house where gadgets are not permitted — mobile phones, computers, video games, or laptops. You can restrict your kitchen or lounge area, which you could keep reserved for having dinners and family discussions.

This way, you can keep your child stay connected with the family; make him learn the restrictions and how to respect them. In total, you can create a healthy and disciplinary life for your kid.

6- Teach them why you’re limiting the screen time

If your children understand that you’re restricting their screen time because an excess amount of time spent on screens has disadvantages, they will be more likely to follow the guidelines you set.

If your children simply believe that you’re limiting the screen and just being mean, they will break the rules. 

Hence, based on what is right or wrong for your kid, you should explain why video games, TV shows, and motion pictures can be harmful. If your child uses the Internet, ensure you have a discussion with them about the risks of online predators. 

Wrapping up:

The negative effects of excessive screen time are significant and can have long-lasting implications for a child’s health and development, and they may miss out on time for top schools in Dubai.

There is no easy solution as we start to tackle this issue, but parents can take simple steps to limit the screen time with their kids. Parents and caregivers should pay close attention to the amount of screen time that their children are spending and be proactive in limiting their children’s exposure to technology. 

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