Tips to Beat Laziness While Preparing for Competitive Exams


Overcoming laziness is one of the biggest challenges for aspirants who are desiring to crack the competitive exams. Well, Persistence and the right guidance are the two attributes that ensure success in competitive exams. Laziness always affects your persistence towards your goal. So it is very necessary to beat laziness to achieve success in competitive exams. Many studies have shown that laziness is caused by a lack of motivation, no sense of urgency, and distractions. This article can help you know some tips to beat laziness while preparing for competitive exams.

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Here are some tips to beat for competitive exams.

  • Hydrate  yourself

Well, if you are feeling fatigued even after doing some effortless tasks then dehydration might be the cause of this.  Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for your laziness. While preparing for the exam, keep a bottle of water near you. Drink water to freshen up your mind. As a result, this will also hydrate your body well. Remember that our mind is 70% water. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can weaken the functions of the brain. Not only this but dehydration can affect your ability to focus on your studies. Which further affects your preparations. If you are preparing for the upcoming SSC  exam then approaching the best institutions that provide SSC coaching can help you reach your goal faster.

  • Look for  motivation

Laziness can be the cause of a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation will affect the energy of your passion. As a result, you will feel too lazy to prepare for the exam.  So it is necessary to motivate yourself for your goal. Find a source to motivate yourself daily. You can paste the syllabus or some inspirational quotes into a location where you can see it everywhere. Also, you can watch some inspirational movies and interviews of successful candidates on youtube. If you ever feel like giving up on your goal then just take two minutes and remind yourself why you decided to prepare for the exams. This will help you stay motivated toward your goal. Eventually, this will make you work harder for your goal. 

  • Eliminate your  distractions

Distractions always push you away from your goal. Most aspirants look for some kind of source of entertainment after studying for hours. Their mobile phones fit perfectly here. They often scroll through social sites for more than an hour. You must be aware that it is difficult to get back to studying after that. So put your phones on silent mode and turn off the TV before starting the preparation. Eventually, this will help you pay undivided attention to your preparations and you will be able to retain more content in your mind. If you are preparing for bank exams then approaching the best institutions that provide bank coaching can help you in your preparations. 

  • Take sleep at least for 8 hours

There is a quote that sleep is the best meditation. Good sleep will help you retain more content in your mind. Do you know that lack of sleep can lead you to some serious issues? Yes, lack of sleep can cause various diseases in your body. Moreover, deep sleep will enhance your focus. If you are feeling anxiety or stress and this is causing troubles in your sleep then exercise daily. Because exercise enhances the quality of sleep. Research has shown that people between the age of 18 and 19 years should sleep for at least 8-10 hours. Lack of deep sleep will make you feel fatigued all the time. As a  result, you will not be able to focus on your preparations. 

  • Break down your bigger task into smaller tasks.

Divide and conquer, a strategy that helped Britishers gain control of India. Well, this strategy can also help you achieve your goal.  Remember that when you break down your task, it becomes really easy for you to reach your goals. You can break the concepts mentioned in the syllabus into further parts. Eventually, this will help you clear the basics of every concept from every aspect. You can also take the rest for 10 minutes after studying for an hour. Thus, breaking down your bigger task into smaller tasks can help you in preparations for the exam.

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Note that cracking the competitive exams requires grueling, education and efforts. So many aspirants appear in these exams every year. The competition is getting tougher day by day. In such a scenario, working hard under the right guidance can lead you to success. Laziness is a challenge you must overcome to achieve your goal. We hope that this article will help you beat laziness while preparing for the competitive exams.

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