How to Keep Your White Kitchen Cabinet Spotless and Sparkling Clean?

White Kitchen Cabinet

There is something about the white kitchen cabinet. They are crisp and bright, and can make your home feel calmer. Some homeowners tend to be a little skittish when it comes to the white kitchen since they have the reputation of being difficult to keep clean and maintain.

But the good thing is there are many ways to clean and maintain your white kitchen cabinet. With these tips, you can have white cabinets that are sparkling clean.

1. Protect Your Kitchen from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight might cause your antique white kitchen cabinets to turn yellow. To keep this from happening, you install blinds or curtains. You also have the option of using a tinted glass window. All these will protect the cabinets from strong sunlight by toning down the harsh light but will also add beautiful texture to the kitchen.

But remember, you should not completely block sunshine from the kitchen since bacterial activity might get nasty. The best solution is to protect your kitchen from direct sunlight using the tricks given above.

2. Run the Exhaust Fan While Cooking

Your antique white kitchen cabinet ideas can be great if you run the exhaust fan. Remember, prevention is the ideal approach. It makes it much easier for you to keep things looking clean if you do not make big messes in the first place. Surely, you cannot just stop cooking but you can do your job of staving off grease build-up in the surrounding and backsplash areas. The best way to do that is to turn on the exhaust fan whenever you are cooking. Apart from contributing to lesser grease build-up, the exhaust fan will also absorb the cooking smells.

3. Use a Home Recipe to Clean the Cabinets

Surely, you want to keep the white discount cabinets looking fresh and bright. To ensure that, you can prepare a cooking solution at home. All you need is a cup of vinegar, a tablespoon of baking soda, and two cups of lukewarm water.

Make sure that you are wringing out the excess liquid. Now, use the rag to clean the white cabinets in the kitchen. It is better to do it at least once a month.

4. Clean Up After Preparing Every Meal

Experts from cleaning companies believe that if you have to keep your white wholesale kitchen cabinet, make sure you clean it every time you prepare a meal, particularly when you clean with stain-prone ingredients, such as tomatoes, oil, or animal fat.

You might be thinking why. Well, small food droplets might land on the countertops and cupboards. These might permanently stain the surface of the white cabinets. In case the stain is set, there is nothing much that a professional cleaner will be able to do.

5. Don’t Use Harsh Cleaning Tools

You have to clean the white cabinets to keep them looking new. However, when you are scrubbing down a kitchen cabinet, you have to make sure that you avoid using hard-bristle brushes. White is a color that can emphasize the scratch. Hence, it is better you stick to a soft-bristled and gentler brush. You can also use a microfiber cloth when you work with stains.

6. Do Not Use Colored Products

According to professional cleaners, soap and dishwashing liquid can be a great choice for white kitchen cabinets. However, it is always better to avoid colored soap. Always choose clear or white or clear solvents. Based on the surface, some colored products might lead to staining on the pristine white cabinets.

Apart from the cleaning cabinets, you should also clean the appliances in your kitchen. Grime and food buildup underneath appliances might make your white cabinets look worse.

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