How to Incorporate Learning into Your Child’s Summer Holidays

Summer holidays in the UK for 2022 are about to come in a few weeks. There will be much spare time for children to fill. Quite often, children spend their summer break indulging themselves in boring activities. However, some like to watch favourite TV shows or play video games. Therefore, different options are available to retain your child’s learning during the summer break. It could be online tuition in London, Manchester or other online summer programs across the UK.

So, being a parent, you should help them utilise this break in a productive manner by exploring new hobbies and mastering new skills. Before the summer, the most asked question is, ‘How to prepare for school during the summer?’. It is pretty typical for parents to be worried about their child’s learning. They should be, right? It’s their child’s future on the line.

In this blog, you will learn some practices to blend your child’s learning into the summer holidays to ensure they thrive academically. Similarly, it makes sure there will be no summer learning loss. 

There are a few simple ways to incorporate learning activities into your child’s summer holidays. Before that, you should know why learning over summer break is so crucial for a child, right?

Importance of Learning During Summer Holidays in 2022

It is crucial to understand why we have a summer break. What goals should we set for these holidays to improve a child’s mindset and learning attitude? Is there any particular plan that is long due? It is a time to make things happen in your child’s favour. 

Children should have fun in the summer holidays. At the same time, they have to keep up with their education so as not to face the learning loss. If they do so, they will fall behind, and it will not be easy to recover from it. During the summer holidays, children could lose the development they have made in their academics. 

This is why you need to add learning into the summer break plan and have fun in the 2022 summer holidays in the UK.

Ways To Maintain Learning During the UK Summer Holidays for 2022!

Summer has always been challenging for parents as they need to keep children motivated to learn when they see summer break as a chance to enjoy their favourite activities. So, parents should know things to do during the summer holidays before the vacations begin.

Activities that you can add to your child’s summer holidays schedule can be indoor and outdoor. Here are a few of them.

Encourage Reading

Reading is the most wholesome and delightful activity for children over the summer holidays. However, the best thing about reading is that you can do this from the comfort of your home. So, it is a valuable activity for children and helps them recover from the learning loss and improve creativity. 

Children need to get excited about it because, for many, it is a dull thing to do over the summer break. Visit a bookshop or library with your child and ask them to choose books they are interested in reading.

Play Board Games With Your Child

Board games provide children with fun and maintain their learning. Moreover, it is the best activity to develop a healthy relationship with the family. You can play board games that your child likes more than others. However, Scrabble and Hangman could help your child with spelling. 

You need to plan what to do till the last day of summer break. Including such games that require basic English and Maths knowledge will save your child from learning loss. However, it is an excellent way to spend time with the family. 

Enhance Creative Skills

Suppose your child is keen on creative work, including drawing, painting, making things with paper, building or inventing something. In that case, you must provide them with enough opportunities during the summer holidays in the UK – 2022. 

Doing creative and artistic work will improve your child’s skills and mental health. Moreover, they will be sharp in performing other tasks as well. It will also enhance a child’s overall working efficiency, a plus point in learning when they return to school after the summer holidays.

Let’s have some insight into outdoor activities that support your child’s learning during the summer holidays. 

Educational Tours/Trips

It is always a good idea to plan an educational family tour or trip during the summer holidays. It could be visiting a zoo, museum, aquarium or library. That way, children will have fun and learn actively while looking at things before them. 

You can make these trips more interesting by setting some additional tasks for them, like writing about the trip and what new things they have learned during the trip. 


Gardening is one of the best outdoor summer holiday activities to try in 2022. So, growing vegetables, plants or fruits will help your child learn the whole process. Moreover, they will learn cautiousness by taking care of the plants and trees. 

In addition, they will learn science and the botanical processes behind growing plants. It increases the sense of responsibility among children when they regularly give water. Moreover, you can ask them to take daily photos to see their progress and look back at what they have achieved during the summer.

Summer Learning Programs

You will find many online summer learning programs offered by top educational institutes or educational companies in the UK. It could greatly support your child’s education during the summer. Experts conduct live summer classes. As a result, children can enhance their skills and recover from their learning loss in the comfort of their homes. 

Most education experts suggest distance learning summer courses with fun activities to keep children motivated to learn and thrive. So, if you ever make up your mind about it, be sure to choose the quality summer program for your child. 


As summer holidays in the UK- 2022 are arriving, you may be looking for different learning activities for afterschool and summer programs to keep your child’s learning intact while they enjoy this summer break. 

Above mentioned activities or ways can help you incorporate learning into your child’s learning during the summer holidays.

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