Car Key Replacement Step By Step Guide!

The automobile key is an integral feature of today’s vehicle. Its responsibilities include starting the car and locking and unlocking the doors. If you misplace your key, contact your dealer or a locksmith for a replacement. However, have at least one spare in case something goes wrong. Keys will make things a lot easier when you need them. What if you misplace your car keys? This article will walk you through the steps of car key replacement. This article will explain replacing missing, lost, or stolen keys when installing a keyless entry system. We’ll go over the measures to take if your vehicle doesn’t have an electric door or window lock.

Step-by-Step Instructions for car key replacement

You’ll want to know what goes into acquiring a car key replacement if you’ve sought it everywhere and are ready to give up. While it isn’t particularly tough, it does necessitate some work. Your options will differ based on the type of vehicle you own and its age.

Get Your VIN

You’ll need your vehicle identification number to receive a new car key (VIN). Each vehicle built has a 17-digit number/letter combination that is unique. For all current automobiles, the VIN is the official method of identification.

The VIN is normally found on a sticker near the bottom of the windshield on your dashboard. You can also find it on the engine of a car. The VIN could also be found in the following places:

  1. On the back of the wheel well.
  2. Located on the inside of the door jam
  3. Located in the trunk.
  4. Between the windshield washer and the carburetor on the car frame.

Look through your car insurance policy or the title if you can’t find it. Both of these documents should have your VIN. Remember that automobiles manufactured before 1954 do not have a VIN, so don’t waste your time looking for one. You’ll also need to know your car’s year, make, and model.

Call An Automotive Locksmith

The next step is to locate a reputable automobile locksmith. This alternative will be significantly less expensive than obtaining a key from a dealer or the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Some locksmiths will only be able to deal with the typical varieties of simple keys seen in older, non-luxury vehicles. On the other hand, a top-tier professional should be able to handle newer makes and models. Keys necessitate more modern technology, such as side-milled key cutting machinery and transponder programming equipment. The car key program in Oak Park provides the best services for key replacement.

Unfortunately, codes are frequently engraved into keys, making it extremely difficult to duplicate them. Locksmiths may also have difficulties with advanced programming.

Check Your Automobile Insurance or Warranty

Even the most experienced locksmiths cannot handle some keys. A locksmith, for example, may be able to create the key but not program it. You may need to get your new key programmed at the dealership in this situation.

Although this is more expensive, it is usually less expensive than purchasing a new key from the dealership. If you have a newer automobile, your vehicle insurance or warranty may be able to provide you with a discount or even a free key. Before proceeding to the next step, double-check the warranty card both.

Make Contact with the Dealership

If your locksmith says they can’t help you with your key replacement, you’ll most likely have no alternative but to contact the dealership.

Even the dealership won’t be able to obtain you a new key for certain very high-end autos. If this is the case, you’ll need to contact the vehicle manufacturer to order a replacement key. This is the most expensive choice, and delivery will likely take a week to two weeks.

In rare situations, the dealership may be able to negotiate a price with the manufacturer. If you return to the dealership where you originally purchased the vehicle, this is more likely. Of course, a discount isn’t guaranteed, but it never pays to ask.

Think about security and dependability

Other automobile key replacement options that are less expensive than those listed above are available. However, there are some risks to consider that are not related to money.

For example, you might be able to get a replacement key for a reasonable price on sites like eBay or Amazon. You can look up “aftermarket car keys” on the internet and get one for much less than you would pay at a dealership. However, you may have security difficulties if you do so. Some automobiles even allow you to program your key. This is usually accomplished by turning on and off lights, opening and closing doors, and turning on and off other equipment.

The instructions for re-coding your keys are normally located in the owner’s manual for your car. While this isn’t difficult, it’s usually safer to delegate this vital duty to a professional. Call Rekey lock in Chicago for the best security lock for your vehicles.


Keep in mind that there are various reasons why your car won’t start, and getting new car keys isn’t always the answer. There are also non-replacement options for broken keys. However, if you do need to replace a car key or remote, contacting a locksmith is the best way to get service quickly, and at a low cost.

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