Best Examples Of The Customer Loyalty Program

To retain the customers and add more interest to engage with the brand a customer loyalty program has come into the planning list of the founder. Well, we have genuine facts that will help you to realize the benefits of the customer loyalty program. As per the latest statistics, 90% of brands have the same customer loyalty program, and only a bit of them varies. Around 70% of the customer have experienced better relationships with the brand. Most of them have purchased more than later after becoming a member of the program. This program when successfully runs then it brings unexpected profitable ROIs for the brand. If you don’t believe what we are saying today then this is the time to look at the below-mentioned example of your favorite brands. 

Here are the following brands that have given the best examples of the customer loyalty program 


STARBUCKS is a leading brand of coffee and the majority of the people. They are fans of the taste that has been added to the cup. Globally, the majority of the franchise open in every single region, and supply is at a large number. The brand is the best example of a customer loyalty program. It takes care of the customer at every end with the help of its application. The better you get to know the customers, the better you commercialize the business all over the world. 

Tarte Cosmetics – 

As the name suggests that it would be a brand based on cosmetics. The girls are addicted to trying new products of cosmetics. The brand has initiated a customer loyalty program with the name “Team Tarte”. In which they reward the customer for opening the mails and making new purchases. The main purpose of this program is to foster organic growth and acquire new customers. 

The Sephora Beauty Insider – 

If we talk about their loyalty program then it is quite simple – make a purchase and earn reward points. But the thing that customers like the most about this program is that they are flexible to choose where to use these reward points. 

The fans of Sephora’s brand are almost everywhere and one of them would be in a group of your friends. If we talk about the annual sales of this brand then roughly you could imagine that 80% from their team. But the only drawback is that – it is not affordable. Keep aside this option if you are a bit tight with your wallet. 

The Body Shop – 

There are many brands that launch the charity-based initiative and involve the customers to join the program. The Body Shop is a perfect example of a brand that contributes. It supports the death or testing of animals for developing cosmetics products. The same support they expect from their customers and there are many customers. Who has taken a stand and become loyal members of this initiative? 

The H&M NOW – 

H&M BRAND is a renowned brand for purchasing fashion-related accessories. This is the best available option when it comes to quality products at affordable prices. If we talk about the benefits then this brand knows what fascinates its audience. Some of them are – birthday discounts, free shipping, and many more. It avails the customers of a point-based customer loyalty program. They spend every single dollar on the purchase, and H&M BRAND offers a single point. It earns 200 points, the customer will get a gift voucher for $5. 500 points they become a plus member of the brand. 

How a brand could be loyal to its customers? 

Consistency plays an important role and if you want to win the heart then make yourself available to the customers. Reach out to them and learn about their preferences and research them. Nowadays brands share content on social media to engage with the target audience. Be authentic and respond to them on every platform – but never ignore them no matter what happens. 

Wrapping Up – 

Customer loyalty programs are the best strategy to explore the brand and develop more eyeballs. With the help of this program – brands gain conversions. It closes more sales and enhances the boundaries to let others know about the brand. Today we have shared the best examples of the customer loyalty program, so newbies could take inspiration from them. 

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