Top 7 tips to Redesign your old website to new

What actually a Website Redesign is?

Since a website is said to be the face of your business and a solid foundation of your digital identity. Website redesign it just the right way is the key to a successful business.

An outdated website is of no use in the business world.

Website redesign happens to be a brief process of giving your site major makeovers such as content updates, better navigation, and improved layouts.

All of this results in great conversions and upgraded site performance. Hence, it is really crucial to redesign your business website timely in an ever-changing online marketplace.

Studies suggest that approximately 66 percent of users would end up reading on something creatively presented as compared to simple text.

It clearly means that the online audience is visually drawn towards websites that are appealing and effective which makes it important to invest in a website redesign company that can deliver.

Therefore, if you ever observe that your website lacks user-friendly features or visual appeal then this is the time to consider availing yourself of the benefits of website redesign services.

Here, we’ll learn about necessary details about website redesign services and will share few best practices to follow for a website redesign.

Why do you need a Website Redesign?

With every new change in your business trends, your website requires equal consideration for updates too.

Changes in your services, branding, products, collaborations, or promotion should reflect on your business website from time to time. 

Further, it is very important to ensure your redesigned website denotes exactly what your business needs.

Mastering the art of developing responsive websites increases leads and grows the brand’s image for your target audience.

Look for the following signs to figure out what’s going on with your website:

  • The design appears out-dated.
  • Reduced conversions/sales.
  • Frequent complaints about sluggish user experience.

If you relate to any of the above then, my dear, you really need a website makeover!

Below are the facts one must consider before or while availing website redesigning services:

1. Performance Analysis.

Before making any changes to your website’s design, it’s important to look at how it’s doing and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

This will help you figure out which parts need to be changed.

Usage of analytics helps in taking productive decisions about your new site’s design.

A thorough analysis of the website allows you to gather knowledge about parts that are already performing well, popular pages, most browsed site’s sections, and so on.

Giving you a better idea about sections or pages which need complete overhauling.

2. Research Your Users/Target Audience.

Looking from a user’s perspective, a great website happens to be the one that provides an enjoyable and flawless browsing experience.

Factors such as slow page loading, complicated navigation, too many pop-ups, and poor optimization frustrate the user compelling him/her to leave the site for your competitors.

A nightmare eh?! Therefore, keep in mind what your user shall like, their preferences, browsing style, etc. while redesigning your website.  

What are their preferences? What’s their browsing style?

3. Setting Specific Goals.

One has to create specific goals for website redesign regarding SEO and marketing, other than smooth functionalities and upgraded trends.

You may think about incorporating more calls to action, more quick and easy forms for users to fill out, a rotating testimonial slider, etc. Setting goals lets you measure your growth.

4. Create Compelling Content.

Your content should be incredible since it’s the most crucial component of your website. It brings user engagement and helps in popularizing your site.

Low-quality content, old, outdated blogs, and sites need website redesign in order to generate better leads.

One may simply research the content which is performing well and employ it as a template.

5. Aim to Strike SEO Checkpoints.

Website redesign scales up your marketing, for which you need to be discoverable. This is where SEO takes over.

Optimize your website for SEO during a website redesign. Ensure the availability of content with well-written page titles, meta-descriptions, and permalinks.

6. Regular Branding.

Begin reconsidering the branding scheme of colors, fonts, and logos you use for your business materials before initiating a website redesign.

Consistent branding across your site and product range brings visibility to your business, making it appear more professional.

7. Responsiveness.

Your business website has to be responsive in every case and scenario! Property of reconfiguration based on the user’s device is of utmost importance for a productive website.

If your website lacks the above, your audience will switch elsewhere.


A website redesign takes planning and strategyIf you are looking for a website redesign, consider design and functionality for the best marketing and revenue generation.

Keeping up with current online web design trends is vital.

No matter what the reason is, website redesigning happens to be a major undertaking. 

Choosing the right website design company matters the most, as your new website must bring you more traffic, drive more leads, and eventually increase your business growth.

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