Top 10 Authors You Should Be Following on Twitter :

Have you ever wondered why a famous Author gets thousands of followers and others don’t? Or why do some authors seem to have millions of fans and others barely get a handful of likes? The answer lies in their social media presence.

Authors To Follow :

Twitter is a social media network where everyone goes to share their thoughts and opinions. It has become a great tool for marketing because it allows businesses to interact directly with customers.

You should also follow a famous Author on Twitter. They are experts in their field who write books or articles on topics that interest you. Follow them for the latest information on trending topics, new releases, and book signings.

Following is a list of popular authors:

1- George R.R. Martin :

 If you’re thinking twice about following Martin, don’t let his age mislead you. If you want to be famous, the author of the novel-turned-TV series A Song of Ice and Fire is someone you should follow on Twitter. Therefore apart from ghostwriting services agency, Martin is an expert at using social media as a marketing tool for his movies and novels, hinting at teases and spoilers.

2- Joe Dunthorne :

 Not only is he a master of the one-liner, but he also retweets material that rivals his wonderfully on-point insights. He’s a master at finding the most shareable hilarity online, such as this typical musician classified ad. He prefers to keep it simple by not tweeting articles or news sources.

3-  Nnedi Okorafor :

 Dr. Nnedi Okarofot is a prolific author with a significant American and Nigerian following. Aside from her well-known works in several novels, this famous author is one of the authors worth following on Twitter. She occasionally uses the platform to start interesting conversations and frequently poses thought-provoking questions to writers.

4-  Alyssa Wong :

She is the author of several award-winning short tales. She is also a promising creative fan fiction writer. Her thoughts on Twitter, on the other hand, are just as good as her published works. Wong is worth following if you’re interested in social justice, women’s rights, or politics.

5-  Alain de Botton :

He’s a Swiss philosopher and author who assists people with their relationships, careers, marriages, and other areas of life where individuals frequently suffer. He is the famous author of The Course of Love, Status Anxiety, and On Love, among other works.

If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll see that he tweets in a serious, lighter, and humorous tone. He also enjoys tweeting about photography and art, as well as providing links to things that he thinks his followers will find useful.

6-  Joyce Carol-Oates :

 While a few senior writers have chosen to share their expertise on the Internet, Joyce Carol-Oates made sure she stood out.

 If you believe that following your favorite authors on Twitter would lead to boring, uninspiring advice, Oates’ humorous one-liners will convince you otherwise. She’s also fantastic at keeping her followers up to date on recent events.

7-  Matt Haig :

He used social media as a venue for not only marketing his novels but also as a creative outlet. Therefore this famous author’s tweets cover anything from his bouts with depression to inspirational phrases, and they’re a sure-fire approach to help authors improve their writing skills.

8- Paulo Coelho :

He currently has over 9.22 million followers, with more joining every day. Vintage-filtered pictures are a favorite of Coelho’s. Apart from his football-related tweets and quotes from his favorite philosophers, Coelho keeps his fans up to date on literary news.

9- Teju Cole :

 His writings Open City and Every Day Is for the Thief are well-known. His writings are one-of-a-kind and well-received by his audience. They provide a firsthand account of the difficulties of immigration and beginning a new life.

As intelligent as his writings, this author’s Twitter feed is equally so. He tweets on sports, entertainment, and the media. Moreover, this famous author also appreciates providing motivational quotes that can assist other writers in their writing efforts.

10- Anne Lamott :

She is the most knowledgeable writer on the subject of writing. The author of Bird by Bird is well-known for creating novel approaches to assisting authors in breaking out of creative ruts.

Conclusion :

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram provide a great way to connect with others. They also allow you to share information and promote your brand. To become a successful, famous author or influencer, you should build your network on these platforms.

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