Speeding Up BigCommerce Site: Simple Tricks

Speeding up your BigCommerce website is like making sure customers don’t wait long to see your awesome products. A faster site means they can click, browse, and buy without delays, making them super happy. Imagine waiting in line to get your favorite snack, not fun, right? Same with websites – if they’re slow, people might leave. But if your site loads fast, it’s like having a speedy checkout line, and everyone loves that. So, increasing your BigCommerce wix loading speed is all about giving your visitors a quick and enjoyable shopping experience, making them want to stay and explore more.

Therefore, in this BigCommerce speed optimization blog, we will explore tips to increase website loading speed. 

Why BigCommerce Site Speed Matters?

Having a fast BigCommerce store is like having a quick and smooth shopping experience for your customers. When your store loads fast, people can see and buy things without waiting, making them happy. Imagine waiting in a long line at a store; it’s not fun, right? Same with online stores, if they’re slow, customers might leave. Fast stores make customers stay, browse more, and come back. Plus, Google likes fast sites, so it helps more people find your store. So, making your BigCommerce store speedy is like making shopping easy and fun for everyone!

Techniques For BigCommerce Store Speed Optimization 

Image Compression

Optimize your product images by making them smaller without making them look worse. This helps your site load faster because smaller images take less time to download. Customers can see your products quickly without waiting.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading means your site only loads images and things when people scroll down. It doesn’t load everything at once, making the first view of your site faster. People see what’s on the screen quickly, and the rest loads as they scroll.

Browser Caching

When someone visits your site, their browser stores some of the static files. This way, when they come back, they don’t have to download everything again. It’s like remembering, and this makes your site load faster for returning visitors.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is like having copies of your website on servers in different places. When someone visits, they get the closest copy. This reduces waiting time because they’re getting the information from a server nearby, no matter where they are.

Minify CSS and JavaScript

Make your site’s code shorter by removing extra spaces and things that computers don’t need. Shorter code means less for the browser to read, making your site load faster.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Every element on a page needs a separate request to the server. By having fewer elements, like images and scripts, your site can load faster because there are fewer things to ask the server for.

Upgrade Hosting Plan

Choose a better hosting plan that suits your site. A good hosting plan makes sure your website has the resources it needs to load quickly. It’s like having a bigger and faster computer for your website.

Optimize Database

Your website’s database stores information. Cleaning it up means getting rid of things you don’t need, making it faster to find and show the information your customers want. This helps your site load faster because it’s not carrying unnecessary data.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Make special versions of your product pages that are simple and fast to load on mobile phones. This way, people using phones can quickly see and buy your products without waiting for a slow website.

Prioritize Critical Rendering Path

Focus on loading the important things first, like the main content of your page. This way, people can start using your site quickly, and less important things load later. It’s like serving the main course before dessert.

Implement Server-Side Rendering (SSR)

Instead of making people’s computers do all the work, do some of it on your server. This makes your site faster because the server is helping to build the page, so people don’t have to wait as long.

Monitor and Optimize Third-Party Apps

Check how outside apps and tools affect your site. If they make it slow, either fix them or find alternatives. You want to make sure everything on your site works well together and doesn’t slow things down for your customers.


When you’re selling things online, it’s really important to make your BigCommerce website faster. Using smart tools like Website Speedy to speed up BigCommerce site speed, turning possible waiting times into quick and enjoyable experiences. A faster site doesn’t just mean speed; it’s like inviting customers to easily look around, find what they like, and buy things smoothly. 

So, when you’re working on making your BigCommerce site faster, think of Website Speedy as a helpful tool that not only speeds up your site but also creates a friendly place where customers can shop without any delays, making them happy.

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