Select the Best Unisex Massage Gun for Both Men and Women

A massage gun is a handheld device that you can use to target any muscle area of your body. They can be effective in helping with general muscle pain and other post-workout body problems like cramps or soreness. In addition, carrying a small portable massager to your gym can be very useful. This unisex device is not gender-specific and can be used by anyone and everyone. Here we will discuss how to pick the best massage gun for both men and women.

Why Look for a Booster Massage Gun?

A percussion massage gun is a perfect tool or weapon to improve the functionality of your body. An active lifestyle has become a necessity today to thrive in every phase of life. However, in this fast-paced lifestyle, contracting health problems like muscle cramps, spasms, shin splints, and body pain is easy. But tools like massage guns can be your savior! 

If you are not aware, a booster massage gun employs percussive therapy, similar to vibration therapy. It oscillates in to and fro motion, applying pressure to tense or targeted muscle tissue. Doing so releases buildups of tension and fluid from the particular muscle area. It reaches deep muscle tissues and treats them to speed up recovery. Percussion massage guns prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), breaks down scar tissues, relaxes muscle and tissue, and increase blood circulation. Moreover, they also enhance the range of motion and increase flexibility, which improves athletic performance. 

If you have an active lifestyle and physical exercises are part of your daily routine, a high-tech massager is indispensable for you. Research shows that using a massage gun post-workout can help remove lactic acid buildup from your muscles which is the primary cause of muscle soreness. In addition, massagers are also useful for mental health as they relax the muscle, which can help you to manage stress. So, now you know why you should look for a deep percussion massage gun. You can proceed further to know the things that you should consider while buying.  

Consider the Size and Weight

A massage gun should ideally be light in weight. A heavy massage gun could be difficult to use and hold for both men and women. Moreover, it should be compact enough to carry around easily. Therefore, avoid buying bulky massage guns. If you want to travel around with this effective tool, then a small portable massager would be the perfect choice for you.  Also, take a look at the ergonomics, which include the angle and shape of the handle. You can go for tilted handles that offer a natural grip. Choose a massager with an extended handle for wider reach. 

Stroke Length 

The stroke length refers to the length covered by your massage gun head during percussion therapy. It can be low, midrange, or high. If you are not a pro athlete, we recommend you opt for a device with a midrange stroke length. However, you can choose a massage gun of high stroke length for aggressive or intense hits if needed. But remember that it can be painful if you don’t have real body pain or you are not used to it. A massage gun with a low stroke length will not go deep tissue as they are for vibrational therapy. A device with an 11-13mm stroke length would be fine for regular use.

Percussions Per Minute:

It refers to the number of hits per minute, and it varies from one massage gun to another. You should know that devices with a high stroke length have fewer hits per minute as compared to devices with low stroke length. Most guns have a maximum of 24000 RPM, which may punch hard but not fast. Expect your device to have around 3200-3300 RPMs. Moreover, select the device with a varying range of speed options so that you can set it as per your needs. 

Other Significant Features

Here are some other crucial features that you should take into account while buying a massage gun. 

Noise: Buy a massage gun with noise reduction ability. Nobody wants a noisy gun. So, pick the device with a shorter amplitude as it will be less noisy as compared to the one with a longer amplitude.

Battery: Before investing, make sure your chosen massager gun has long battery life. Some guns also come with a USB charging feature which can be a lot more convenient.

Warranty: Most brands offer one year warranty. Don’t buy from a brand that doesn’t give any warranty. It is necessary to consider this factor in case of any damage or device failure. 


So, these are some features that you should consider while buying a massage gun. Hopefully, now you know why and what to look for in a deep percussion massage gun. Don’t get swayed by the price of the device. An expensive product is not necessarily the best choice. Choose a  high-quality massage gun with advanced technology for both men and women.

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