Pro Tips To Move Your Bedroom While House Shifting

Have you decided to conduct the move all by yourself? Are you confused about which room to start from? Well, let me give you some pro tips to move your bedroom while house shifting.

House shifting is an elaborate and arduous affair and conducting the move all by yourself can be an exhausting experience. It is very normal to feel restless and indecisive about where to start the packing process from. You may want to start from the kitchen and suddenly realise that you might need the utensils later on so you can’t pack them first. You start packing the bathroom items and realise that you will need the toiletries later and stop packing them. Again, while packing your living room, you might feel the need to plop on the sofa and relax after a tiring day and you stop it right there.

House shifting in Hyderabad needs to be a balanced process and you have to organise and handle every room consecutively. Plan in advance and start with the packing process ensuring that it doesn’t become a haphazard one. Start with the bedroom. In this case, you will feel like crashing down on your bed at the end of the day; but you can keep the mattress aside for the same purpose. Pack the rest of the bedroom essentials to start with your DIY packing of the bedroom. In this way, you will be able to manage to move your bedroom along with the other rooms in a strategic and systematic manner.

What are the steps that you need to follow to move your bedroom while house shifting?

Start with the guest room

As you start your DIY packing for moving your bedroom while house shifting, choose to go for the bedroom that is not extensively in use as the guest bedroom. Pack it first so that you can create more space to fit in your other essentials, packed boxes, and disassembled furniture and equipment.

De-clutter the primary bedroom

There will be a lot of things in your primary bedroom that has been lying around for years and you have not used them forever. If you have not used them that long, you will not need them in the future as well. De-clutter your bedroom to steer clear of all the useless items. De-cluttering will cut down the size of your belongings and will help you in two ways. Firstly, it will take you less time and effort to pack them. Secondly, you will be able to save a considerable sum of money as fewer belongings will cost you less labour charges when you move them through a logistics company.

Pack your closet

The most intricate task while packing your bedroom essentials is to pack your colossal-sized closet. Our closet is like Narnia’s wardrobe but it only leads to a world full of mishmash and clutter. We keep on adding new elements to the closet and shut the doors to forget about it, helping in adding up to the pile of clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Clearing this muddle and packing it in the right way will take a lot of your time and dedication.

Leave your clothes on the hangers and hang them in a wardrobe box or you can wrap them in large poly-bags. Instead of folding your clothes individually, roll them together by stacking them on top of each other. This will save you a lot of space and effort. Check a nearby bar, pub, or liquor shop to find the specific boxes with dividers inside. These are best for packing your shoes as the pairs won’t get mixed up with the other contents inside.

Pack your furniture

As you plan to move your bedroom while house shifting, you have to be extra careful about the furniture. Generally, bedroom furniture is bulky and weighty at the same time. Some of them are the bed, cabinets, wardrobe, dresser, etc. You cannot pack them inside a packing box. You have to know the exact hacks to pack them to avoid chafing and scratching. Use foam padding, corrugated cardboard sheets, and packing tapes to pack them in the right way.

Keep the drawers intact

Pull the drawers out of the dresser and the chests but don’t empty them. Leave the objects inside and pack the drawers by wrapping them up in stretch wrap or poly-bags.

Packing the kid’s bedroom

If you have kids, house shifting becomes a bigger challenge. Kids will never want to leave the comfort zone of their home, their room, and their peers at school or playground. You can divert their sulky mind by asking them to pack their belongings and to help you in packing the other rooms as well. When you make them feel important and authoritative, they tend to like the process. Use large poly-bags or garbage bags to pack bedding, towels, toys, stuffed animals, etc. Pack their books and other essentials in packing boxes and stick them with packing tapes.

Handle the mattresses carefully

As you move your bedroom while house shifting, be careful about the mattress. If you have an innerspring, memory foam, or hybrid mattress that is choir-based, you will not be able to fold it into a bundle. In this case, you have to wrap it in foam pads or bed-sheets and moved it on top of your car or the moving vehicle that you have hired for your house shifting. Use a huge bed-spread or a mattress bag to keep it free from muck and dust on the move.

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Be cautious while packing the lamps

Be cautious as you remove all the lamps and bulbs from their holders and wrap them in foam or paper individually. Keep them safe inside a sturdy packing box and stuff the gaps with left-over newspapers. Load them into the moving vehicle with care and place them on top of the other packing boxes. Secure the box by binding them with the other boxes so that the lamps and bulbs do not get toppled as the vehicle jerks and turns on the move.

Be wary with the delicate items

As you pack the artworks, wall fixtures, and wall decors be wary of your actions. You have to protect the glass and the frames in case of the artwork. Wall fixtures can be delicate and have protrusions that may scratch other articles as you place them on the moving vehicle. You should cushion them up with thick bed-sheets or clothes and bind them together using nylon ropes.

Winding Up

House shifting is a gruelling job and considering moving by yourself makes it a hazardous one. In DIY house shifting, you cannot get the perks of administering the move from a distance by merely giving instructions to the packers and movers Hyderabad to Noida. You have to be the master planner, the packer, the mover, and sometimes even the sufferer. Yes, if your belongings get lost or damaged as they are on the move, you will not be able to get any insurance coverage. So, DIY moving has a few considerable drawbacks. However, if you choose to be self-reliant and shift all by yourself, I told you where to start the packing from. So follow the aforementioned pro tips to move your bedroom while house shifting. I wish you good luck!

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