Over 7,000 Reddit Communities Protest New API Changes by Going Dark


In a resounding act of defiance, more than 7,000 Reddit communities have taken the bold step of going dark to express their opposition to the company’s recent API changes. This article explores the reasons behind this widespread protest and sheds light on the impact of the new developer fees imposed by Reddit. By delving into the significance of APIs and the implications of the policy change, we aim to uncover the motivations driving Reddit communities to stand united against these alterations.

The Implications of API Changes

  1. A Wave of Darkness: Thousands of Communities Go Dark

On an important day of protest, numerous Reddit communities, including prominent subreddits such as r/funny, r/gaming, and r/Music, with their massive subscriber bases exceeding 30 million, have gone private, effectively blocking public access. This collective action emphasizes the depth of dissatisfaction and solidarity among the Reddit community.

  1. The Catalyst: New Developer Fees

The unrest within the Reddit community can be attributed to introduction of new developer fees through the revamped API policy. Under this policy, third-party apps are now required to pay $0.24 for every 1,000 API calls made. The exorbitant cost associated with these fees has forced apps like Apollo and Sync to shut down, disappointing users and developers.

Motivations Behind Reddit Community Protest

  1. A Drastic Financial Burden

The astronomical costs associated with the new developer fees have been a driving force behind the protest. The Apollo developer voiced concerns about the staggering price tag of approximately $2 million per month, exceeding $20 million annually, which rendered continued operation unviable. The community’s collective action emphasizes the need for more affordable alternatives to ensure a sustainable ecosystem for third-party apps.

  1. Understanding the API

An API, or application programming interface, plays a crucial role in facilitating interaction between third-party apps and Reddit’s data. It allows developers to create applications that integrate with the Reddit platform. Prior to the policy change, third-party apps freely utilized Reddit’s API. The protest signifies the importance of these apps and their role in enhancing the user experience.

  1. Transitioning to Self-Sustainability

Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, emphasized the platform’s need to become a self-sustaining business, prompting the policy change. The decision was motivated by the desire to discontinue subsidizing commercial entities that heavily rely on large-scale data use. While this transition aims to secure Reddit’s financial future, the community’s protest underscores the potential negative consequences and challenges it poses to third-party developers.

The Path Forward: Collaboration and Innovation

  1. Seeking Dialogue and Solutions

In light of the protest, Reddit communities are urging the platform’s leadership to engage in constructive dialogue. The goal is to find viable solutions that address the financial concerns of third-party developers while ensuring the sustainability of the Reddit ecosystem. Open communication and collaboration between the company and its user base are essential to resolving this conflict.

  1. Exploring Alternatives and Innovations

As the protest unfolds, the Reddit community is actively exploring alternatives to the existing API policy. The pursuit of innovative solutions will foster an environment where third-party apps can coexist harmoniously with Reddit, striking a balance between financial sustainability and developer accessibility.


The solidarity displayed by over 7,000 Reddit communities in going dark serves as a testament to their united opposition to the recent API changes. The protest sheds light on the significant financial burden imposed by the new developer fees and highlights the crucial role that third-party apps play in enhancing the Reddit experience. Moving forward, it is imperative for Reddit’s leadership to engage in meaningful dialogue with the community, striving to find solutions that ensure a sustainable and collaborative future. By fostering innovation, openness, and understanding, Reddit can evolve while preserving its vibrant user-driven environment.

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