How to Use Your Rival’s Backlink to Grow Your Business?

Backlink to Grow Your Business?

Backlinks are specially designed links on other websites that diver the traffic back to your own website. For this reason, backlinks are termed inbound links. These links contain the data of another website because it pushes the traffic towards your site. Backlinks are very important for online companies, and they play a significant role in improving the SEO rankings on various search engines like Google or Bing. The more quality traffic the backlinks can bring, your website ratings will soar. Google and other search engines specifically look for the website’s backlinks to understand how the pages are connected, which determines the ranking factors. Although there are several factors to rank, backlinks are often considered the most important ranking metrics for SEO. On that note, we discuss how you can use your rival’s backlink to your gain –First, let us get a brief overview of the whole process –

Although the whole process sounds rather complex, it is not so hard. Even there are tools to help you do this easily and get foolproof results. There are many backlink tools that give you the option to spy on other websites and export the data as a list. If you use a tool that doesn’t give you the option of making a list, look for backlinks that has the highest PA or DA ranking. Once the data starts coming, it can be very overwhelming. So, it is better to start slow. avail all assignment help Look for the backlinks your competitors use and try to replicate those links. Follow these steps to “steal” your competitor’s best-performing links –

  • Make a copy of the profile of your competitor
  • Start with your two nearest business rivals
  • Choose a backlink tool and type the URL of the competitor you want to “loot”
  • Save these backlinks under the “Inbound Links” heading

Let us explore the ways to use your rival’s backlink for your gain –

  • Use a backlink analysis tool

Check the backlinks that your competitors are using. Find out which links are bringing in the maximum number of traffic. Usually, all backlinks are not created equally. So, there can be some issues in comparing multiple links for accurate data. In such cases, you can use backlink checker tools to help you. Ahrefs is a popular backlink checker with the biggest backlink index. This is why many companies use this software to find out the best-performing backlinks of others. Ahrefs is designed to automatically update itself every 15 minutes, and it keeps adding data to its already mammoth database of 12 trillion links.

Another popular tool for backlink checking is Moz’s Open Site Explorer. This tool automatically detects the important backlinks of the competitors and highlights them. Then it alerts the user by sending weekly emails with updated data every week.

  • Focus on the most effective backlinks

The easiest way to detect which backlinks are the best performing is by noticing their Page Authority and Domain Authority rankings. take essay editing service The better you can replicate these links, the more success you can get. You can always try to nab the entire link profiles of your rivals. If you cannot do that, try to look for the recurring links.

  • Analyse the links

Even if you can detect the best-performing links of other companies, that doesn’t guarantee a rise in your site’s traffic. To ensure that, analyse these links thoroughly. Follow these steps to discover if the links you found are truly effective.

  • Do not use an unindexed link profile.
  • Search for the toxic backlinks and avoid those links at all costs.
  • Ensure that Google indexes your chosen link.

However, never start with a large number of backlinks at once. With terabytes of data coming in, the whole process may seem overwhelming. Instead, always focus on a couple of backlinks that are the best performing, and then work your way up if needed.

  • Create a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are your best friend for noting down all the data that is pouring in. As the backlinks send the data, keep copying them simultaneously. Gradually, you will have a detailed list of backlinks from all the competitors’ sites you have spied on. To make the understanding process easier, put these data under two columns named “replicated” and “link”.

  • The replicated column will contain the details about whether you can or cannot replicate a particular type of backlink.
  • The list column will only contain the replicated backlinks. You can simply paste those links here for future use.

One important thing you must remember is that you need to use the same technique as used by your competitor while replicating the backlinks.

  • Explore all the options

There are a lot of ways to replicate the links of the competitors. It is not possible for you to keep trying all the options randomly. Your end goal must be to replicate the rival’s links. So, keep exploring the options until you can find the result without spending much time.

However, it is always a bonus if you can familiarise yourself with all the techniques. That way, you can try alternative techniques if the existing one doesn’t work for any specific algorithms. Not only will that, having detailed knowledge enable you to –

  • Join online forums and discussion threads for meaningful conversations. You can also check others’ backlinks and compare your own Four Reasons.
  • You can offer better content for your audience while trying to replicate a backlink.

Summing up:

Google rewards pages feature excellent link profiles. It is no secret that every website dreams of getting featured on a search engine result. It speaks a lot about the credibility and visibility of a website. However, the main benefit of backlink is through this method, your competitors lay that foundation for you. Your rivals do all the hard work and using backlink, you can easily get the strategic advantage. The best part of this technique is that you are doing nothing other than placing a few tools strategically to hack every bit of important information from your competitors. This is how companies can boost their own profits by secretly spying on their rivals.

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Graham Hanes worked as the head of data science courses in a reputed college. He has retired recently and joined as an assignment writer.

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