Developmental Disability Services in Your County


If you are looking for information about developmental disability services in your county, there are a few good resources to help you. These resources include SpectraCare, St. Lawrence County Community Services, NASDDDS, and OPWDD. These resources can also help you determine if services are right for you and your loved one.


SpectraCare is an organization that provides comprehensive, community-based services for people with disabilities. The services it provides include case management, advocacy, and assistance with basic living skills. These services also work to help people improve their overall health and well-being. While this organization specializes in treating adults, it also provides intensive, in-home care for individuals who require a variety of services.

SpectraCare is a nonprofit organization that provides integrated healthcare and developmental disability services Brisbane. Its mission is to promote wellness, restore hope, and inspire a positive attitude toward recovery. SpectraCare has a history of providing services for people with disabilities. Alabama Department of Mental Health accredits it.

The company’s recent settlement with the government involves the use of fake records and statements in its Medicaid filings. In addition, it failed to use due diligence when calculating Medicaid obligations. A former SpectraCare employee identified these irregularities and reported it to the federal government under whistleblower protection. the settlement will likely result in significant penalties for the company as the whistleblower was not identified.

St. Lawrence County Community Services

If you are interested in helping individuals with a developmental disability care melbourne live as independently as possible, you should learn about St. Lawrence County Community Services for Developmental Disability (NYSARC). NYSARC is a nonprofit membership association that offers services to people with a wide range of disabilities. The organization is committed to inclusion, individual needs, and personal growth.

Its programs and services include outpatient and inpatient treatment. It also provides socialization, respite care, and vocational supports.

The nonprofit organization’s services are offered through a variety of community agencies. Residential services, family support services, clinical services, vocational support, and service coordination are available for individuals with a developmental disability. Front Door connects individuals with services and begins a person-centered planning process. Through this process, the individual can explore all of the available services and determine their individual needs.


The National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services is a nonprofit organization located near Washington, D.C. Its goal is to expand and improve public services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Founded in 1964, the NASDDDS serves a wide range of people with disabilities.

NASDDDS provides support and information to state agencies that serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Its membership includes state agency directors and other key decision makers. Its members develop policy and programs that address a variety of issues. altogether The NASDDDS network is a forum for state agencies to share innovative ideas, exchange information, and discuss problems and solutions.

NASDDDS also supports state directors by providing training and technical assistance. The Quality Mall offers a variety of resources for people with disabilities. NASDDDS also hosts a National Policy Work Group.

Cathy Anderson has a long career in public service. She has held leadership positions in state agencies that support people with disabilities. During her tenure, she organized service systems statewide. In Nebraska, she served as I/DD director. In Iowa, she was the Chief Deputy Director of Human Services and supervised Medicaid and other programs. additionally, Among her many accomplishments, Anderson is a past president of NASDDDS’s Board of Directors.


OPWDD is an executive agency in the state of New York responsible for development disability services. They work to assist people with disabilities find the appropriate resources and opportunities to improve their lives. They are able to do so through a variety of programs and services. In addition to providing direct services, they also provide information and education about the available resources and programs.

Its mission is to support people with developmental disabilities in achieving personal growth, participating in the community, and living in their own homes . in addition, Its staff works to help individuals with developmental disabilities with the eligibility process, identify their goals, and develop a service plan to meet those goals.

OPWDD determines eligibility for its developmental disability services and supports by assessing the disability. five Regional Offices across the state do this. To apply, applicants must submit medical and other records, and may also work with a care manager to assist them throughout the process. multiple specialty assessments are required For more complex conditions. In addition, a face-to-face interview is sometimes required to determine eligibility.

OPWDD developmental disability services can improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. In addition to helping them stay in their homes, OPWDD services can help them gain employment, build relationships in the community, and achieve health and wellness. A Care Coordination Organization can also help parents apply for Medicaid, which pays for most of the OPWDD services. additionally The intake team at the Care Coordination Organization will help parents complete the application process for OPWDD.


YAI provides services to people with developmental disabilities and their families in a variety of settings. These include residential group homes, supervised independent living apartments (IRAs), and supportive apartments. Each of these settings has a specific role to play in the care of residents, but both include 24-hour staff presence. Individualized training and services are provided for each resident. YAI also facilitates residents’ integration into the community.

specialists who focus on the individual strengths and needs of each participant deliver these services. The focus of each program is on critical skills necessary for the individual’s growth. Participants receive services such as tutoring to improve their basic academic skills and opportunities to volunteer. They also learn to use public transportation and become involved in the community.

The organization provides over 300 programs throughout three states. The programs range from summer camp to occupational and physical therapy. additionally , Other services offered include crisis intervention, volunteer opportunities, and socialization. YAI has affiliate schools that focus on independent living, technology, and communication. Families also receive caregiver education and support.


AHRC provides educational advocacy services to people with developmental disabilities. These individuals may have trouble accessing services, or experiencing problems in school. This organization has over 15,000 members in New York City.

The AHRC New York City offices provide resources and support to individuals and their families. These services include residential and day programs, educational advocacy, and sibling services. in addition, the organization provides information on guardianship and other issues. in addition, The residential programs offered by AHRC provide individualized services and support.

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