Can Water and Grinder Decide the Flavour of Your Coffee?


Want to try different flavors? We have all been in that complicated phase of choosing the perfect coffee beans to provide our taste buds with delicious coffee. Various brewing machines are available in the market to offer us several flavors of coffee. The perfect combination of coffee beans and brewing machine can make a ninety percent difference in our coffee. However, did you ever think about another essential component of making coffee? It does not matter if you want it light or more earthly. We often ignore water because water is available anytime, anywhere, and we feel that any water would do for the purpose. It is where people go wrong. Whether to use distilled or tap water depends upon many factors. Use third-wave water coffee to bring richness and pureness to your drink. 

Coffee making can be easy if we know it. However, the result may not turn out to be what we thought. It is because we do not know what type of water to use to get the perfect brew. Water may look like an insignificant part of coffee making, but it can make a huge difference. For example, you can get two flavors with the same coffee beans but different water. It seems like a folktale. We suggest you try two cups of coffee with the same beans but with tap water at first and then distilled water. Can you find any difference? 

Why is it important to consume freshly grinded coffee?

The longer we keep the liquor, the better it gets with time. However, coffee is a bit different. Coffee gets worse if we leave it in the air for a long time. Coffee beans have flavor. The flavor of our coffee depends on the freshness, grind size, and quality of the beans. As soon as we grind the beans, they come to provide a mind-blowing flavor. The flavor starts to fade out the longer it stays in contact with the air. It is why we should always consume freshly grinded coffee.

Flavour is equal to grind size

Just like water, the grind size is important for taste. Baratza Encore Burr grinder can give you that perfect grind size you want for your coffee. However, before grinding, we should know what grind size we require to get a specific flavor. Selecting and grinding the perfect size can be difficult, but with our guide, you can never go wrong! Coffee and water are dependent on each other. The time of contact between coffee beans and water decides the flavor of the coffee. You will require coarse coffee beans if you want slow extraction of flavor. Your coffee will taste bitter if you go wrong. You need finely grounded coffee beans for an expresso machine to get a sweet taste.

If your coffee tastes bitter, you will need coarser coffee beans. On the other hand, if your coffee tastes sharp, try a bit finer coffee beans next time. It may seem unclear, but you can become an expert coffee maker with time. 

Is the type of water important for that perfect cup of coffee?

You must have studied in your Chemistry classes that water can be ‘hard’ or ‘soft.’ Water is a compound material, and its components are responsible for the different tastes of coffee. Have you ever tried making coffee using the best quality beans and a world-class brewing machine and were disappointed with the result? If so, it was because of the wrong combination of water. Water can be filtered, distilled, or purified. Whatever it is, ensure that your water is clean and fresh. Your water should not smell like bad mushrooms. 

Filtered water does not contain significant impurities. It still contains some natural minerals. Purified water, as the name suggests, is a purer form of water. It removes every impurity and many minerals too. Lastly, distilled water is kind of similar to filtered water. You can use third-wave water coffee if you want an expresso.


Are you a fan of expresso? The perfect combination of coffee beans, grinder machine, and water is what we need for that tasty energy drink! Baratza Encore Burr Grinder can help you brew delicious coffee for your guests and family members.

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