8 simple ways to gain customer trust and confidence with text messages

Happy customer, happy you. To make costumes we do everything, but what people miss out on is – Trust. Trusting someone or a brand is quite important for success. Especially after Covid-19, trust became an essential factor for business. Trust sounds easy, but gaining it is tough. Boundless tools help with building better confidence and trust with customers. However, what shocked most researchers is how the easy and effective text message helps in cultivating loyalty and trust faster. Here in the article, let’s see how to gain customer trust with text messages.

1. Integrate SMS For multi-channel engagement

Your consumers use their phones, social media, and Google to connect to search for the local business. The best thing any business can do interacts with consumers on similar networks that they are on.  The research found that businesses with a powerful multi-channel engagement strategy have a 10% of hike in order value and close rates. 

So, integrating SMS messages with online or social media channels lets people initiate a conversation with your business. You can manage every message within every communication network via a text-based inbox. Not only your customers can communicate easily from wherever they are you, you can track leads shortly 

2. Reminders and alerts

Being a customer-centric business should be everyone’s priority. Try to be front foot with your consumers by predicting what services or products can be used for them. Generally speaking, people these days are too busy to acknowledge anything around them. So, businesses try to be placed right before customers by providing useful alerts and reminders. 

For instance, message customers regarding product replacement or confirming appointments, or about upcoming events. Proactive alerts such as issues or outages with your business prepare consumers beforehand. Text messaging services such as GuniSMS offer automated SMS reminders that offer consistent profits and save big time for business.

3. Text  campaigns & promotions 

Integrating SMS messaging in campaigns and promotions leads to better results. Because these texts fascinate people and help with boosting customer loyalty, retention and repeat purchases. A study proved that over 55% of customers redeemed from promotional codes that were sent through SMS. And over 60% of people are likely to be serious with loyalty offers. Ensure to add the link of the product that you are promoting

4. Customer feedback

Consumers’ feedback could impact loyalty easily. Whether consumers looking to buy you a product or not they are most likely to take the customer feedback. So, getting good customer feedback is crucial for building trust and reputation.  For example, if you ordered a pizza that was delivered to your doorstep in minutes. 

Now, after an hour when you finished pizza you got a message asking you to review them. This is the time when you are happy and want to review delicious pizza. But there can be different stories for everyone. Still, a push notification for asking review is the best idea. That’s where SMS messaging comes from. Ask feedback, or let them finish a survey anything you need to tend through text messages. 

5. Personalized Messaging 

Don’t sound too robotic.  Talk with their consumers as you are talking with them individually. Adding a name to the SMS at the start of the SMS isn’t enough to attract your consumers. Know your consumer interests & needs that take your strategy to another level. 

Personalized text messages as per their purchase history. You can interact with them based on their behaviors. These make your consumers think you have a good connection with your business that generates more revenue & valuable business.  SMS experts such as GuniSMS will be at your hands to know the pulse of people. 

6. Be translucent

Despite messaging about your core values or policies, communicate about companies’ protection and privacy strategies. Let them know how their information is protected. Discuss why you were capturing their data and how we were doing it. Mainly getting them to know how you are thinking to use their data by detailing it can strengthen the experience.

 This can maximize the trust.  While communicating with consumers you should be honest about the company’s capabilities. Always address when problems arise and potential service limitations. Most consumers can be forgiven so try to be direct and kind. 

7. Share customer  reviews

We discussed how customer feedback and testimonials help your business. It is your responsibility to let them hear what you like them to hear. Include credibility to the business and developer trust by sharing testimonials and reviews. When asking customers for feedback you are allowing customers to share their advice that makes them feel like a valuable partner. Ensure to make positive customer testimonials and comments visible to your potential and existing consumers.  How to do that:

  • Post them on social media
  • Promote them in the blog post
  • Include testimonials and reviews on the website

8. Referral and Loyalty promotions 

Strengthening consumer retention with the existing advocates is the most simple way to develop business.  If consumers like your products, they will refer you to their family and friends.  How many times you have advised your people to buy from some brand that you love. People love recommending, a study over 90% of people believe suggestions from their friends and family.

 Many companies offer loyalty programs to power up loyalty. All you need to do is reward your loyal consumers with something they love. It is mostly based upon what you consumers feel special and also what you could make an effort. After they got rewards ask them  to share special reference links with their people through SMS. Also check out here more business articles

For example:

” Hey, Gloria. Join our VIP program by bringing three friends along with you. Here is the link to get them on board” 

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