15 Creative Ideas To Organize Blanket At Home

Do you have an end of bed blanket storage? You will definitely need to buy this essential if you do not already have it for organizing your blankets. Rooms and homes look neat, clean, and well-organized with these blanket storage units. However, we understand that It is boring and tiresome to arrange your blankets. But you do not have to worry. We have come up with some unique ideas in this blog on how to organize blankets.

Blanket Organizing Ideas To Adopt

Keeping blankets organized and in a neat and tidy state can sometimes seem like a daunting task. In order to keep them neat and tidy, all you have to do is think outside the box. Analyze how frequently you use each blanket and determine where you should keep them based on accessibility and functionality

Ottoman Blanket Storage

You can hide your blankets within an ottoman that has a storage compartment built-in, so it will keep the blankets hidden from view. When you’re settling in to watch a movie, get cosy by using the blanket. Open up your ottoman and grab a blanket. It will be easy for you to keep the blanket handy. 

Wire Basket For Blanket Storage

You can roll up your blankets into neat little bundles and place them inside a wire basket to keep them neatly stored. This may come in handy during times when you need a little extra warmth. It would be great if you used a basket of different textures and colours to make the basket both functional and pretty.

Bedspread Rack

The bedspread rack for foot of bed is the ideal solution for organizing blankets at home. These metal racks are available in different numbers according to the weight of the blanket, pillow, comforter, or bedspread. 

Decorative Blanket Storage Ladder

Blankets don’t just provide comfort. You can also use them for functional decor to make your space warmer and add texture to it. A stylish blanket ladder is a perfect way to show off your favourite blankets. This storage ladder will make your blankets look great, and you can grab one off the ladder whenever you’re feeling cold. Blanket ladders are available in many home decor stores, but you can also make your own using a few simple materials.

Blanket Storage Basket

With a blanket basket, you can add a sense of cosiness to your living room. You can decorate your living room with multicoloured blankets, DIY crocheted blankets and blankets of various textures. Try placing your blankets next to the fireplace to create a cosy atmosphere. 

Lidded Storage Baskets

Decorative woven lidded baskets are timeless. The lidded baskets look natural and organic, like traditional woven baskets. However, because the lids prevent you from seeing inside, they often appear cleaner than traditional baskets. For those who don’t fold their blankets perfectly after each use, this is a great blanket storage solution for them.

Upcycled Blanket Storage Planter

To store your blankets, you don’t need to buy a bin or basket specifically designed for that purpose. Look for alternative storage solutions, such as a footed planter. Even though it’s not meant to hold blankets, it can do so. You can use it if you like the style.

Small Wicker Storage Baskets

Place your blankets in small wicker baskets instead of storing them in one big basket. Set one or two blankets in each basket and place them around your living area and bedroom. There is no better way to make your home feel more minimalist and simple than putting your blankets in this way – plus, you’ll always have one close by no matter where you are.

Hidden Coffee Table Blanket Storage

Store your blankets inside your coffee table in order to hide them from view. Make or purchase a hollow and removable top coffee table. In addition to storing your blankets, you can also use this space to store board games.

Built-in Cabinets For Blanket Storage

Use your built-in cabinets as storage space for blankets if you’re lucky enough to have them in your home. But it’s easier to pull out and put away when they are stored in smaller baskets. Don’t be afraid to use your DIY skills and construct your own built-ins if your room doesn’t have any. It’ll be worth it in the end.

Ottoman Coffee Table Blanket Storage

You do not need much furniture if you have a small space. Decorating a small living space is best achieved by combining furniture pieces and using functional decor. Add comfort with an ottoman and functionality with a coffee table to make your home look luxurious. 

Stylish Storage Bins For Blankets

The blanket is not just a seasonal item. You can keep them out year-round in a stylish fabric bin like this one. If you want to enjoy an evening under the stars, grab one of these on your way out the door.

Tidy Blanket Dresser For Storage

Baby parents with a huge stash of blankets for their little ones will find this idea particularly useful. Organize each blanket into a neat little square and tuck it into the drawer of your dresser. 

Understated Blanket Storage Baskets

Think about hidden or understated blanket storage if your space already has plenty of texture. If you want to keep your blankets hidden, this designer basket used white lidded baskets that fit in with their living room decor. Adding lidded baskets to the room adds a nice, unique touch.

Blanket Trunk Storage

Find a vintage trunk in a second-hand store. You can paint or stain it to your liking and use it as a blanket storage box. An antique finish can be achieved with paint and sanding blocks.

Final Thoughts 

You can use blankets as functional decor pieces or store them out of sight so that they do not interfere with your other decor. Take a look at the above examples for how to store blankets for inspiration if you’re looking for a stylish way to store your cosy blankets.

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