11 Reasons Why to Migrate on BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a SaaS-based website builder and headless CMS that individuals can utilize to create their online store. It involves multiple features and capabilities, such as payment options, fraud detection, shipping, inventory management, abandoned cart recovery, tax calculation, multiple analytical tools, order management, and more.

Choosing BigCommerce as your online platform provides your business with multiple benefits. Thus, if you want to migrate from your current store to another ecommerce site, BigCommerce is a great choice. With BigCommerce, you can easily design and customize your store. 

Additionally, it makes everything possible for your business. Also, for the store development on BigCommerce, you can hire dedicated BigCommerce developer who has proficiency in BigCommerce website creation and development.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to migrate your eCommerce store and find the best platform, we have got you covered. As we all know, BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform, and migrating to this platform is a reliable solution. So, in this blog, we will explore the benefits of choosing BigCommerce as your ecommerce platform. 

Reasons Why People Choose BigCommerce?

Certainly, these are the reasons behind the importance of BigCommerce migration. 

Easy to Use: 

BigCommerce is like a super-friendly guide for your online store. Shopify is user-friendly and designed to facilitate novices navigating the platform. 

Additionally, it is adaptable enough to satisfy the demands of both established enterprise organizations and expanding small enterprises. You don’t need to know coding to create your own online store using drag-and-drop layouts from the Shopify Theme Store.

Fits in Your Pocket: 

No matter if your customers are using a computer, phone, or tablet, BigCommerce makes sure your store looks awesome and works perfectly everywhere. It fits all pocket sizes. It means whether your consumers are searching from mobile or laptop, the size of the website will fit all screen types.

Grows With You: 

Imagine your business growing without any worries. In Shopify’s Inventory section, you may examine your inventory, set up inventory monitoring, and modify your inventory levels. For items and variations whose supply is being monitored by Shopify, you can also see a record of inventory modifications.

Fort Knox Security: 

SSL certificates function as an encrypted link and confirm the trustworthiness of a website. SSL certificates guard sensitive data, including credit card numbers, that is transacted on your e-commerce website and stop hackers from utilizing it to launch phishing attacks.

Marketing Magic: 

BigCommerce gives you tools to shout about your products from the digital rooftops. Shopify Marketing is essentially a one-stop shop or platform that allows you to locate the ideal buyers for your items, wherever they may be. Shopify Marketing uses clever algorithms and action plans to streamline and improve the way you sell your items.

Plays Well With Others: 

Additionally, you may think about adjusting your hosting infrastructure and optimizing the code of your shop to get better speed. In the end, the amount of applications you can set up on your Shopify store before performance issues arise is not fixed and will depend on your unique situation.

Checkout Freedom: 

Your customers like options. BigCommerce lets them pay the way they want, making the checkout dance a breeze for everyone. BigCommerce involves multiple payment options in their store and makes it simple for consumers to easily complete the purchase. 

Thus, you can add your favorite payment option in your online store to make your customers feel engaged and influence them to complete the purchase. Additionally, with this, you can improve your business sales, as it increases the chance that visitor will buy the product as you provide their preferred payment option. 

Your Store, Your Style: 

With BigCommerce, your store can be as unique as you are. Imagine a store that perfectly matches your vision and brand – that’s what you get! Making adjustments to your Shopify website’s front or back end is known as Shopify customization. This might cover elements like the appearance and feel, checkout procedures and payment methods, website navigation, and more.

You can make your BigCommerce store look amazing by following the mentioned tips:

  • Select the appropriate theme for your business
  • Create Your Website Using Applications
  • Ensure Your Website Loads Swiftly
  • Incorporate Visual Elements on Your Website
  • Incorporate Components to Establish Connections with Potential Leads
  • Avoid excessive customization

Help is Just a Click Away: 

BigCommerce provides 24/7 support to its customers. With this, your consumers can easily connect with you anytime. They don’t have to hassle to communicate and connect with your brand. It will be a helpful way to fulfill consumer demand and prioritize their needs. 

Also, if you need assistance from the BigCommerce team, you can simply contact them. BigCommerce’s knowledgeable support staff will give your call top priority whenever you want technical assistance. 

Data Magic: 

Have you ever wondered who your customers are and what they like? BigCommerce does too! It gives you all the details about your sales and customers, helping you make smart decisions. It benefits businesses by providing them with the details of their consumers. It can be related to consumer behavior, interaction, purchase, and more. 

These data are essential for informed decision-making and provide value to your business. 

Reduced Downtime

BigCommerce, like the majority of cloud-based platforms, has an astounding 99% uptime record. Customers can count on retailers to be open even during a holiday rush or flash sale, which is a crucial factor for sales and fostering consumer confidence.

This is partially due to the fact that BigCommerce makes use of off-site hosting services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). One other benefit of cloud hosting is that maintenance and update costs won’t need to be taken into account.

Thus, these are the benefits of choosing BigCommerce as your ecommerce store. 


Therefore, in this blog, we have explained the importance of BigCommerce migration and how it is simple to migrate and move to this platform. It’s important to know the features of the platform before choosing it. 
Thus, to migrate your store without any hassle, hire a BigCommerce migration services provider like MakkPress Technologies, which is an ecommerce marketing agency working for more than 10 years. MakkPress Technologies has a team of experts who are profound in BigCommerce store migration.

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